Are you ready for a new "Addams Family" TV series?

It looks like Tim Burton wants to executive produce and direct a new “Addams Family” television series.

Do you think this is a good idea, and who should get what parts?

It would be so easy to cast this with Burton’s 1990s stable of actors (Johnny Depp, Lisa Marie, etc.) but now they’re all too old. Maybe Helena Bonham Carter as Granmama would work. But I suspect the cast will be largely unknown to most people.

While I would love to see a good Addams Family show, I don’t think Tim (Weird for weird’s sake) Burton would be the right person to helm it.

I agree. The Addams Family should not get the Burton treatment.

Wouldn’t the look and feel be a product of the director and showrunner more than an executive producer? I really liked the sensibility that Barry Sonnenfeld brought to the 1991 movie, so if they can hire some young director with good style, they may be able to get something worthwhile.

He wants to produce and direct.

Jeez, doesn’t anybody in the entertainment industry ever have an original idea anymore?

On another note, I wonder why ‘The Addams Family’ keeps getting rebooted / reimagined / recycled but not The Munsters. Maybe because The Munsters were based on the old Universal Classic Horror monsters, which seem old fashioned and outdated, while the ghoulish charm of The Addams Family is more timeless…?

Sonnenfeld went back to the original comic panels for inspiration (from the very first gag), which made it seem fresh because most people had only seen the TV show (which repeated the same gags over and over again).

Burton would seem to be attuned to Charles Addams’s sensibility. And in many cases, the executive producer is the showrunner (a title you’d be hard pressed to find in the credits).

It has been tried more than once, and each time was horrendous for various reasons.

Who did the recent Lemony Snicket with NPH? It should be them. Actually, that may have been Barry Sonnenfeld again.

Oscar Isaac played Gomez in the recent animated movie. He could easily play him live too.

At least one of which made Herman day-glo green. Ugh!

Where did the idea that the ‘Frankenstein monster’ character was green come from anyway, I wonder? The original Frankenstein movie was in B&W. Maybe the movie posters were in color and made him green.

The monster was created from corpses stitched together and reanimated, so having a green color would seem to indicate the experiment was a failure.

Tangentially, I thought “Adult Wednesday Addams” with Melissa Hunter was droll.

I think you’re right. Karloff’s makeup was green to create the B&W analog for Mary Shelly’s yellow/grey. Since almost everything was produced in-house in the old studio days, it’s not unreasonable to assume the poster artist visited the set and saw Karloff in the green makeup.

The real Frankenstein’s monster was green. Mary Shelley wrote her book over 100 years later and had never actually seen the monster.

But Shelly got the yellow/grey description from Capt. Walton’s direct transcript of Victor Frankenstein’s narrative.

You trust that old opium addict? This comes directly from Igor’s cousin’s next door peasant’s old hag fortune teller’s grandson. No way they’d lie about something like that.

Seems like a good casting choice.

No one’s yet tried spinning off and rebooting the Gruesomes, have they?

Not real. Unfortunately. Cause it would be awesome.