Are you really that dumb or are you just trying to piss me off?

I should be more charitable towards the afflicted but when the afflicted one is my temp I find it hard. I laid the revision process on paper, taking longer than it would have taken me to do the damned revisions myself. What the new text is supposed to say is right there in black and white. I give the path to the new block. I wrote in words of one syllable because I know he isn’t the brightest flame in the candlabra. So why do I have to keep explaining what I wrote?

I hate training.

“Think of training as an investment, Mike.”

Investing in training somebody who will be around for maybe three months? I told them that, of all the people in this building who could use some help, I should be last on the list. Ferchrissakes, I’m trying to save them money but am I listened to?

My supervisor better have some special projects for him because I’m running out of easy stuff.

You can always give him crayons and paper and let him color…

Maybe it’s nap time.

He sounds like obvious management material to me.

Don’t forget to give him cookies and milk, or he’ll get cranky.

Maybe my expectations are too high. When I first got a job that required Autocad (which I didn’t know at the time) I RTFMed over the weekend before I started so I could be productive almost immediately. When I started here my predecessor had left several weeks before and I had to teach myself how to do the job. Instantly; there are still drawings on file dated 7/6/00.

I always do well on IQ tests but in the past have dismissed them, crediting forty-five years of taking tests. After all, if I’m so smart why ain’t I rich? Maybe this is my niche. I’m damned close to worthless with anything else. And maybe it’s not HIS niche, but it pays better than unemployment.

I will work on my patience.

My boss reminded me that the guy is a temp and that he’s not going to be around forever. I mumbled that my daughter knows some CAD and I should bring her in as it beats selling hams. He thought that was a good idea even though it doesn’t smell as good here, so Lord Ashtar isn’t the only person who can’t keep his mind off food.

Oh, and he smacks his lips and slurps when he eats and drinks. I hope for his wife’s sake that there’s a double-indemnity clause for murder in his insurance policy.

Maybe I’m just not used to being around people.

Naw, you’re just not used to being around preschoolers.

BUT HE’S OLDER THAN ME! Which is fairly old around here.

Dang, with all the experienced CAD drafters out of work (Mr. Pug is one, though he has temp employment at the moment), you’d think your boss could find a competent one in about half no time.

Yanno, I used to be a temp, and it really pisses me off to hear about these drooling idiot temps that ruin it for the smart ones out there. Please don’t let this one guy ruin your opinion of temps, overall. They should be ridiculed (and, if necessary, bludgeoned) on a case-by-case basis.

I recall one of my temp jobs where I was supposed to fill in for some chick who was on vacation. Her counterpart gave me some work to do, which I completed before lunch the first day. She seemed amazed and told me to go to lunch. When I got back, she sent me home because she didn’t have anything else for me to do. The “week long” assigment was over after 4 hours. So, it’s not just temps, the drooling idiots get hired permanently too… let’s hope that won’t happen in your case, dropzone.

Where do you folks live? We’re outside Chicago.

Anyway, I picked this guy so I have no one to blame but myself.

That’s not gonna happen–I used to temp, too, back in the day when we were the best of the best, hired guns who would solve the problem, tip our hats, and ride into the sunset.

Speaking as a temp who just asked for a raise, I would like to say a hearty Fuck You to the temp agencies who are probably paying drooling idiots like the one in the OP for the same job that I do extremely well.

I asked the agency for a raise last week. Still haven’t heard anything. Anyone know what to expect?

What pisses me off (besides most everything about everything) is that I’m paying ten bucks more per hour for this guy than another, smarter one I interviewed but, because he’s willing to settle for less (I saw their desired rates) he’s probably getting less with the rest going to his pimps.

You may ask, “If the other guy was smarter AND cheaper, why did I hire this one?” He has more experience in what we do. I thought it might help reduce the ramp-up time.

I’ve been wrong before.

dropzone, we’re in the bay area of California. Thanks for thinking of us.

Tell your company they’re using the whole temp thing the wrong way.

When they make the call, they order a new temp every day until you say stop.

Round about the 5-8th day you’ll get one that understands the material first time around, it seems unlikely but it’s true.

That’s when you begin investing your training in them, and not before.

Valuable temps exist and can make a great contribution, but you got to be willing to throw a few back is all.

For what it’s worth I feel your pain.

Interesting concept!

drop, elbows is right on the mark. Try it. Good luck.

Perhaps you haven’t checked to see if his diaper needs changing.
Or maybe it’s the potty-training that’s taking up valuable brain cells.