Are you seeing what I'm seeing at google?

From the front page of, I get a page with links to all kinds of porn sites, gambling sites…just about anything. (No porn images…nothing really dangerous for work, just odd)

Looks like they’ve been hacked, maybe?

[sub]fixed link - DrMatrix[/sub]

I get “Page cannot be displayed”, L. Looks like they must have been made made aware and are working on it.


Google looks OK now. Strange.

If you code a URL and use Automatic URL parsing, you need to put spaces before and after the URL. The comma after your link was taken as part of the link. I moved it outside the [****/url] tag for you.

Thanks, Dr. Matrix.

I’ve cleared all history, cookies and everything on my computer and still see the wierd page.

It also comes up on other computers here in the library (I’m at work), so I know it’s not this specific computer.

If you’re using a library’s computer, someone more than likely hacked the proxy server to either forward you to another place when you go to Google, or display a cache page that they placed in there. Best thing to do is report it to a librarian so they can tell the system administrator.

Looks fine to me…?

Thanks, xgxlx. That’s looking like the likely answer.

Good luck with that on a Saturday, lsura.

How bizarre.

Google has several datacenters (servers), so it’s possible somebody hacked one, - the others would be normal. But I’m doubtful Google is hacked (no mention of it on the webmaster boards), so it’s probably a proxy or a router.

the german google is working fine.

I’m such a poseur…

Then you oughta fit in with the bunch here real well. Years ago I started a thread on it.

Looks usual to me too, but if you search for porn that’s what it displays…Maybe someone’s been doing that?