Are you successful?

Give your definition, what you’ve done to achieve it, what you will need to improve upon and/or if you think you will ever become successful. If you aren’t, do you think you’ll ever achieve it? Bonus question: has your definition of success changed over the course of your life, if so, how?

Contentment is OK to, so if you want to write about that, feel free.

As for me, nope. To be successful, I’d have to:

  1. Have a job I liked (one from which I’d likely never retire, but easily could, or at least take some extensive sabbiticals/vacations)
  2. Live according to my means, debt-free
  3. Prospects for continuing that to the indefinite future as well as giving future generations (mine or those I’d chosen to mentor) a head start
  4. Producing something of worth that would be passed down through the ages, whether it be a work of art, a family tradition or doing something that materially helped someone to live a better life (by giving them an opportunity the didn’t have before).
  5. Not be worried if I was successful or not.

A couple of those are long-term, so they don’t count, but the more short-term ones (1,3,5) have not yet been achieved.

Anyone else?

I married a multi-millionaire. I have a great have, lots of land, and a beautiful daughter.

On the other hand, I was screwed up big time until recently but I have overcome most of it.

I don’t have a job but I really don’t want one. I have a great education but I didn’t stay in the field that I studied.

My life is a tough one to call. Everything looks perfect from the outside but I have a lot of work ahead of me.