Are you SURE you want to remove that?

Actual headline.
Man in India with two function penises wants one removed.:

Immediate reaction is pretty much what the headline says. On reflection, I’m not so sure. Given my druthers, I kinda think I’d want to keep both.

Daily Snopes introduced this story the EXACT same way.

Well, of course it did. That’s where I stole it from

I find it understandable. If I had two penises I’d want one removed. Two penises isn’t very practical, and having the girl you just picked up scream and run from the room as soon as you drop your daks has got to get old after a while.

I’m sure he’s thought through his decision thoroughly. It’s not like he of all people could go off half-cocked.

I dunno. They do say that two heads are better than one.

He’s got a lotta balls asking for that operation.

Hope they don’t give him the bill 'til he’s well healed, 'cos I’m sure he’s going to need a stiff one when they do.

Of course, he could always give them the shaft…

I think it would be great to be coming and going at the same time.

Do you think he’ll be happier afterwards? I’m definitely not cutting off my penis until I hear.

At last–an answer to what the proper plural of penis is.

As a woman, I think I might dig this guy. “Honey, let’s try the left one tonight.” It’s variety without actually cheating!

You have to admit, it offers the owner an interesting answer to the “do you dress to the left or the right” question.

That would make a ménage à trois that much more enjoyable for everybody involved. Especially for him. I wonder if that would count as a multiple orgasm?

For her, it would be a menage a trois every time.