Are you women offended by all the screaming on daytime talk shows?

One of the downsides of prolonged unemployment has been that I have been exposed to way too much Kelly Ripa and Rachael Ray, even only momentarily. Something I have noticed is how the whole audience, or more, screams for the slightest thing. And if Rachael Ray mentions Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, as she does every day, the audience screams as if they were the audience when The Beatles made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. How can a woman with any self-respect at all act like that? Are you embarrassed for them or are you offended that they are representing womankind, or humankind in general? Do you cringe at the thought that aliens might get the idea all Earth women are that excited by a cheese or that they all get a free copy of a book by a D-lister that they would never buy otherwise?

ETA: Or are you neutral or even positive about it?

And are you annoyed because Parmigiano-Reggiano is just a fancy name for Parmesan?

Do you feel ashamed as a man when you see idiot men painting their fat bellies stupid colors at a football game? Do you think they somehow represent you? I mean, you watch the damn shows and I don’t; it represents you a lot more that it represents me.

Who gives a shit? Honestly! I never watch them. Count me as neutral.

Also, I think the cheese thing is silly, but i don’t care enough to care.

ETA: Your question is super dumb, if you didn’t notice. I thought I’d spell it out, because anyone who could write that OP might be a little slow on the uptake as well.

Actually, yes.

They are on because my wife leaves on WGN when she leaves for work. And she says birds like the screaming.

Always a charmer, eh, Liz? :wink:

Did we wander into the Pit when I wasn’t looking?

I’m offended by all the screaming that goes on on “Wheel of Fortune,” to the point where my mother mutes the screams if I’m in the room while she’s watching it.

While your question isn’t “super dumb” it is kind of naive. Almost anyone (even kids in many cases) knows these shows are performance art set pieces where part of the act is to have the audience scream like banshees. In fact they are encouraged to do so by the show’s directors. Do you not know this?

Why you feel this would elicit a response of “I’m so ashamed women scream at these shows” on the part of any adult woman is a mystery. Most of the time the audience at these shows looks like they are having a barrel of fun screaming in outrage or exuberance.

Of course I do. I simply object to their belief that it somehow makes the show more appealing. Which is apparently true, given how popular it is.

And I’m just a stuffy old killjoy who believes that anything beyond polite applause is excessive and makes the screamers look like ill-behaved children? Because it’s true, especially the part about me being a stuffy old killjoy.

This woman is rather offended by daytime talk shows, period, screaming or no. I think they’re boring and repetitive and I’ve learned how to turn the station to something more interesting.

I was more embarrassed by the whooping, hooting, and hollering by the men in the audience when Married With Children was taping. Everytime some woman in a crotch length bandage dress strutted on, they started blatting and bleating like sick goats.

I agree with dropzone. My hubby and I can’t stand the commercials, so we DVR any shows we want to see so we can skip the ads and crap that bothers us. After retiring, I started watching The View. OMG. Between the five women talking over and interrupting each other, the screaming audience drove me nuts. (The standing ovation every time drives me more nuts. I fast-forward.) Yes, I realize the audience is encouraged to do this, but I don’t know why it would attract tv viewers. There was one show where Barbara Walters, after sitting down as the audience went wild, put her hands to her ears and said (paraphrasing): it’s too loud, and motioned to the audience to sit. The Daily Show is another one. I skip straight to Jon so I don’t have to listen to the yelling, screaming audience (and I’m pretty sure there are men in Jon’s audience!)
As for your question about women being embarrassed over this, no, I’m not - just really, really annoyed about how women AND men are so captivated by celebrity that they’ll do the damnedest things. And I can see why Miss Liz would think it sexist of you to bring it up. That said, To Miss Liz: If I were on one of these shows, I might participate in the audience reaction too (though I doubt it). Why is drop’s question any more dumb than any one else’s on the SDMB. He just wants to know he’s not alone in being extremely bugged by the seemingly minor things that bug us day-in and day-out, and want to know we’re not crazy or the only one who reacts as we do.

What makes you think that they’re representing womankind?

And frankly, if I want to be embarrassed over the behavior of humankind… there’s MUCH more egregious behavior out there.

You probably should have resisted the urge to edit, miss e. Back off on the insults.

P. S. I agree with Salinqmind – most of daytime tv is crap. The only other daytime show I watch is Anderson (Cooper) at 10:00 a.m. The audience does not scream and yell or do standing ovations. And I think it is sexism on the part of producers who assume that women (the majority of daytime viewers) want this crap. Maybe they do. I don’t know. But I don’t. During the day, while hubby is at work, I watch my prime time shows from the night before.

Didn’t bother me. She’s just a crank like me.

I’m a woman from the other side of the planet so maybe my view doesn’t count. I’m not offended because it wouldn’t occur to me to watch daytime television. I’m a shift worker, so there’s no real reason I couldn’t - I just don’t.

I’m more offended by the idea that simply because a person has a vagina, their actions somehow reflect on me. I don’t scream like an idiot. Why should I feel “offended” if someone else does?

Perhaps because there are morons out there who DO let shows like that reinforce their prejudices against women?

I’m happy women today can let what I see as offensive slide off their backs. I credit the women’s movement for building a world where women can be that confident, though I know so many male morons that I feel some of that confidence is naive.

I’m pretty sure that was as canned as the laughter.

Of course they get all excited – it is their one and only chance to win the opportunity to learn how to read. And as they all know, cheese in the bedroom can do wonders for their sex lives.

Not offended. I don’t watch daytime television. So I guess, neutral, or if anything, I might feel a bit of disdain toward the whole thing.

The screaming is the main reason I stopped watching the Today show, and any other morning show that copied the idea of having throngs of random people standing on the sidewalk outside the studio acting loony. I suppose it’s intended to ramp up the excitement and all that, but half the time it just drowns out everything else and gives me a headache.