Are your high school sports tourneys on TV?

I was just chatting with elenfair, a soon-to-be-ex-Candadian who was completely shocked that Minnesota airs high school basketball and football tournaments on broadcast television (the local FOX affiliate, for the most part). i’ve lived in quite a few states, but darned if I can remember any of them broadcasting any high school sports, other than scores.

Does your state broadcast high school sports? Which ones? On broadcast channels or public access channels? What state are you in?

I’ve seen football, wrestling, swimming, diving, basketball, softball, and baseball on Pennsylvania’s PCN network. Public access.

A few years ago, when Gerry McNamara and Scranton’s Bishop Hannan High School were in the state basketball playoffs, I seem to recall that our local FOX affiliate showed the games.

I live in Iowa, there isn’t a lot going on here, so we see high school tourneys.

In Michigan, regional Fox Sports affiliates will broadcast the high school football championships. It goes on for a weekend, since there are 8 division championships to be won.

That’s the only sport I can think of… I don’t know if any other Michiganders can correct me.

I can’t believe your OP mentioned Minnesota without including the high school hockey tournament. Pre-empts everything in primetime up in Duluth and on the Range. Personally I think it’s pretty damn cool that people would rather watch high school hockey than Friends or whatever.

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Twice a year, there’s a national high school baseball tournament in Japan with about 50 teams competing, and NHK (the gov’t-run network) shows every single game of it.

It gets pretty good ratings, too.

In North Dakota, high school basketball and hockey tournaments are shown often.
The last few years they have started showing girls high school basketball also.

For example, last friday and saturday night, 2 of the three broadcast channels aired basketball tournaments (ok, one was college basketball) and UPN aired a hockey tournament during prime time.

Heck, Ohio put Lebron James’ games on PAY PER VIEW. Don’t even get me started on that again.

Most High School playoff games are carried on Ohio News Network, a cable station.

I’m not on the Range, though…I think that’s an Up Nort ting. :\

What about Colorado? Do they have any HS sports on TV?

Heck, no. But then, my high school was one of only 3 in the school board, which streached for several miles across the Eastern Townships of Quebec, and nobody much cared who came in where, since the worst you could be was third. I don’t remember ever hearing of any provincial results. High school sports were sadly lacking in my region. I don’t even think the francophone school boards put much care into it either. At least, I neer saw it on TV, but then again, I watched the english language stations. Most of them were from Vermont.

On the one “Athletic Day” in the fall when every sports team was playing games…most kids would stay home rather than come in to watch. Sad, really.

Nope, not even on the public access channel.