Are your nipples naturally hairy?

Hi on another messageboard a poster said that it wasn’t normal that I had hairy nipples but he said that it is normal for women to have them. I’ve seen heaps of pics of women’s nipples but I’ve NEVER noticed them being hairy. (There is also a non-pornographic site full of breast pics that is supposed to be educational… do a google search for 007b).

Best thread title ever.

BTW this is a hairy male nipple:
The hair is just around the nipple.

This is the first time on this board I’ve been terrified to check a poll’s results.

Cocktail Recipe: Hairy Nipple

1/2 shot(s) Butterscotch
1/2 shot(s) Bailey’s Irish Cream
1/2 shot(s) Bacardi 151 Rum

Pour Butterscotch into shot glass then tilt the glass to layer the Baily’s on top. Last, pour Bacardi 151 on top. Enjoy!



How many pictures of womens’ nipples constitute a “heap”?

Is it a metric unit of measure, Imperial, SI, wut?

I am not a hairy person generally. The usual spots have barely a sprinkle, which unfortunately includes my head. Though my beardiness is healthy.

Note to self: Polls about nipples can be one question without being too creepy. Make more nipple polls.

In 63 years on this planet, I have been asked to answer many, many questions.

This is a first. I congratulate the OP; never in my life would I have expected to be asked if my nipples are hairy.

My nipples are natural, hairy, and the left one is pierced.

Why just the left one? Get your left nipple pierced. Then you’ll understand.

More than a Heap is wasted.

What do you mean, “naturally” hairy? Are there people who artificially attach hair to their nipples, like little donut-shaped toupees?

Nipple Tonsures!

For monks!

Fair amount of chest hair just not around the nipples.

Well, I’m guessing that you mean hair around the areola, since I have been closely inspecting photographs of nipples for over fifty years, and I’ve never seen one, male or female with hair on it.

My areolae are both surrounded by hair. Most men with hairy chests will have the same.

My previous wife also had hairs surrounding her areolae, though no other chest hair. That was a first for me, and, so far, the last.


Yep, that’s what they look like. And “naturally” is correct, because in the summer I usually shave them, along with the rest of my chest and my armpits.

I read the poll, and now I’m afraid to look.


Are your nipples naturally hairy?


But I have been using a topical Rogaine treatment and the results look promising.

I thought this was a poll about hairy nipples (which I’ve never heard of), not hairy chests. I have plenty of hair on my chest, which of course would include hair around the nipples, but none *on *my nipples, so I voted unhairy nipples.

I voted semi-hairy, but I also assume this means hair around the nipples. My actual nipples/areolae are hairless.