Ladies: Show Us Your Nipples! Redux

The female breast is one of nature’s exquisite successes, and in my experience (both personal and pornographic), the nipple thereon appears in near infinite variety. Big ones, small ones, long ones, short ones, pink ones, brown ones, we love them all and marvel at their diversity.

Ladies, it is time to find out where you fall on the spectrum of nipply goodness. Help us quantify the sublime and add to the sum of human knowledge! Modesty prevails, so this is an anonymous poll to encourage your participation.

This poll is specifically about nipples, so no other breasticle dimensions are necessary. Please select one choice in each category. In the event your nipples fall somewhere outside the choices offered in each category, please just do your best and pick the closest selection. For the purposes of this poll, “aroused” includes cold weather, silk pajamas or anything else that turns on the high beams. Comments encouraged.


No, this isn’t creepy at all.

“Nipples point: Inward”? :eek:

could mean inverted nipples. something real different to experience.

Right, and inverted nipples sound… terrifying.

Are the kids still out of school this week?

This seems like a very strange and rather personal thread.

Other: No Way In Hell.

I know we’re not all prudes here or anything, but this is seriously pretty gross.

Do women really normally go around measuring the size of their nipples, in varying states of arousal?

OP, how much did you have to drink for this poll to seem a good idea, and what was it, that you remained compos mentis enough to list the extensive multiple choice options?

Reposting from the original thread: Jesus Christ.


FI you’ve been around since 2000. I’m not without fault and I’ve tripped over my feet on the board more than once… but honestly, this kind of crap is pretty bad form.

I’m trying to decide if this is more or less disgusting than poop threads. ugh.

This thread would be a tad less creepy if the OP hadn’t limited it to the ladies. Us menfolk have nipples too.

Hey you got one option isn’t that enough for you?

I’ve been trying to decide how to feel about this thread and I’ve decided on:
(c) mildly amused at the chutzpa

That I am off the spectrum of nipply goodness is perhaps the best news I’ve heard all day.

I love that after 13 votes, 11 of them are men - and at least one person has selected every single option.

Oh, I think it’s definitely less disgusting.

But certainly more creepy. It’s the detail in the options (not to mention the enthusiasm in the OP) that really pushes it past the edge of acceptable, to me. 35 multiple choice poll options. And not one of them was “None of your fucking business”. Poor form…

What really pushes it from “weird SDMB poll about nipples” to “creepy weirdo poll”, for me, is the unaroused vs aroused nipple measurements. What, does the OP want us to sit here and play with our tits and then whip out a ruler?

Another vote for weird and creepy. And I’m a guy.

nm :rolleyes: