Area Man Really Doesn’t Care About the New Star Trek Movie.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – In an overheard conversation on Tuesday, area resident Michael McBain, 24, attending the “Star Wars Celebration” announced that he really doesn’t give a fuck about the up and coming Star Trek movie. (Due to be released on December of 2002)

  According to witnesses, McBain – who up until 1 year ago was a die hard “Trekkie” – announced to his new group of friends that, “Star Wars rules! I don’t give a flying *fuck* about the new Star Trek movie!”

 “I can’t believe,” McBain was heard saying as he walked deeping into the ‘Naboo Room’, “that I ever watched that gay show! Luke Skywalker could *‘so’* beat up Picard!”

  The group, clad in Jedi costumes, responded with hoots and hollers and “Right on man!” while gingerly patting McBain on the back and waving their extendable toy lightsabers as they walked on – unaware that McBain had dropped his toy communicator pin.

  McBain was later found beaten in the parking lot for saying “Make it so” one too many times.

There’s a new Star Trek Movie?


Kwyjibo - did you find the article online, was it forwarded it to you via e-mail, did you write it yourself? We like to encourage giving proper credit to the rightful author, and not violating copyright, so a mention of the source would be helpful, and a link to the site where you found it (if that’s how you came across it) would be appreciated.

I actually wrote it myself. (Sorry, I never thought about mentioning that.)

Did they “engage” in any anal sex along with the beating? Did they “make it so” his ass throbbed in pain? Did they repeatedly fire their love “torpedoes” into his rectal cavity?

Probably, the “Force” was with them, after all.

Well, Ashley Judd’s in it, but no Jeri Ryan.