Aren't virtually ALL ejaculations premature, when you get down to it?

Think about it.

All men WANT to last longer, because they wish to please their partners.

Their women WANT them to last longer, to please themselves more AND so their men will feel better about their performance.

So when the moment comes :p, whether the woman has had 0 orgasms or 10, it would just about always be better if it could be delayed a little longer. Wouldn’t it be nicer if she had 11 (or 1)? How many times do you heard a man say, “Damn, I wish I would have come sooner”!

Ergo, MHO in the title.

I presume this would also apply in homosexual encounters, with the exception of the multiple orgasm thing. :stuck_out_tongue: Please correct my ignorance if necessary.

Inspired by leechbabe’s amusing thread on a
sex manual.


Every time I’ve had sex (which admittedly isn’t that much), the only thing I think for the second half or so is “Dammit, why can’t I just come already. Yeesh.” It’s not very much fun when it’s time to be done and you’re not even close yet.

Ooner gets it right.

Inability to climax when desired is a significant medical complaint for both sexes. Women have a few nice orgasms, then get sore and chafed because the guy just can’t get there quickly.


When it “time to be done”? I think there may be some other issues here.

I simul-posted my second comment with Qadgop the Mercotan.

And I apologize for it. I had no idea this was a relatively common sexual dysfunction.

Oh, well, again, as oft before, I duck my head and slink away embarassed. :eek:

Not even speaking from a physiological viewpoint, I feel there is a definite sort of bell-curve to sexual encounters.

It often starts low-key, then builds to climax, then tapers off with the afterglow. Therefore, there is a “proper” or “appropriate” or “right” time to orgasm. It almost has to be a bell-curve, as opposed to a constantly rising graph, or one that falls off precipitously. It’s just nicer that way, IMO.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, after all.

Bells, sirens, whistles–all that stuff. When my back starts to hurt, and my knees, elbows, or whatever start to ache, and MrsO has got what she wants for the time being, and we both have to get up the next morning (or get up and start the day), I don’t consider it premature. Sometimes it’s right on time. We can always look forward to the next time, and rest up for it.:wink: