For guys...recharge after sex.

So, this is a basic question. After intercourse, oral sex, etc. and an ejaculation, how long until you are able, ready, and/or willing to perform again.

I will admit that it takes me some time. A full meal and eight hours of sleep as Richard Pryor used to say. It seems that some guys can recover after a few minutes if I can believe the stories I hear.

Feel free to brag or console me, but what is the average “recovery” time?

Couple of days, tops.

Wow, really? Maybe it’s an age difference thing (I have no idea how old you guys are). For me it’s like a half an hour to an hour or so. I can go again before that but my partner’d have to work a little to get me in the mood that quickly.

Couple of days? 10 minutes and I’m good to go. 26 here.

No age difference…It took me the same time when I was 16 as it does at 36…

Again, feel free to question my manhood. :slight_smile: It’s just that right after ejaculation, I couldn’t care less about sex. History, fishing, golf, whatever. I am an asexual being until MANY hours later. I wonder why that is…

Yeah me too. For about a minute.


Maybe you’re lacking testosterone, OP. You can go talk to a Dr for that.

With adequate incentive, 15-20 minutes, which can be conveniently filled with some reciprocal non-penis related activities. The nice part about the second at-bat is that I can take a lot more swings before hitting the homerun. The first usually has more “energy” in it, but the followup is even more fulfilling, if you know what I’m sayin’.

This is why it’s always a good idea to clear your head before stepping up to the plate :stuck_out_tongue:

This is actually interesting. Even in my prime it was a few days before I’d be recharged. Now, at the age of 50, it’s a week? A couple of weeks?

When I got married in my early 30s my wife was constantly wanting sex, and I was constantly not ready or willing: huge points of discussion and hurt feelings.

I have nothing in the chamber for days and days and never have had.

Please tell me I’m not alone!

ETA: The re must be physiological reasons for this that have been studied. I wonder if any of our members (ha) doctors care to explain?

Old Gilbert Gottfried Joke. I’d link to a YT video, but it’s probably beyond NSFW…

A man takes a hooker up to a room and says “how much is this gonna cost?” the hooker says “$200” he says “fine” and she starts undressing. As she’s undressing he starts jerking off. She turns around and says “What are you doing?” he says “For $200 you’re not getting the easy one.”

When I was 18… five minutes, tops.

When I was 28… Six minutes, tops.

When I was 38… Ten minutes, tops.

When I was 48… A couple hours or more.

And since I can plot an asymptotic curve, I am a little discouraged at having thought about this.

Rick Moranis said it best.

I got shoes older than you.

Spot on, although with the Coolidge Effect I can manage 30-40 minutes as needed.:slight_smile:

Depends on a lot of things. If I’m really horny or turned on, I can remain hard after cuming, but it’ll probably be 10-15 minutes before I can cum again. If I’m tired, stressed, not feeling well, it can be a couple of hours.

With sufficient inspiration, who stops?

What, you’ve never “gone for two”?

Used to take 20 minutes or so, but current girlfriend gives the most mind-blowing blow jobs. If I shoot a load, she just sucks me hard again, and I’m ready for more intercourse.

Are you sure she’s blowing the right thing?