Aretha Franklin, R.I.P

Daydreamin’ is the song that I always have to repeat when it comes up on my list.

Link here

Not unexpected, but still extremely sad.

And so passes another giant.

Chain of Fools has long led off my road CD.

I loved her in Blues Brothers… so sassy, so strong. Love Think.

When is the viewing, I want to pay my R - E - S - P - E - C - T - (s).

She was the very best. Saw her perform live, never heard anything like that before or since. The world has lost it’s greatest voice. Peace be with your amazing soul Aretha.

RIP Aretha and thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with the world.


She’d been in failing health for several years.

I saw her in concert in 2014 and she looked like hell. Towards the end of the show she was gasping and wheezing and barely able to complete the performance. And she was clearly frustrated over it. At several points she had to sit down on a chair because it was too taxing to stand.

I saw Isaac Hayes in '04. He too had problems and cut his show in half.

Some of you might remember my review of a Kenny Rogers concert.

I think it’s just the drive and determination that these types of people have that they push themselves past their prime. A character strength that accounts for them being so successful in the first place. I hope her continuing to entertain us didn’t contribute to her demise.

RIP :frowning:

She always kept working on improving herself and her voice. Her she is at the age of 73, filling it for Pavarotti at the Oscars:

As she passed through the pearly gates, one of the first people she saw on the other side was George Michael. And she cracked, “Yeah I knew you were…”




Blasting Think right now for my kids.

ETA: And now A Change is Gonna Come.


Don’t get the reference…was there some special connection between her and George Michael?

RIP, Aretha.

Sad, but she has left behind an epic body of work.

I had “baby I love you” come up on my mix just yesterday. Glorious stuff, you just know she meant every word of it.

I Knew You Waiting (for Me) - duet between Aretha and George Michael. It was, I believe, her last big chart hit, reached #2 on Billboard in '87.

#2 hit, and I don’t remember ever hearing it.


RIP to a voice that lifted us up and laid us down.

And Matt “Guitar” Murohy, who played her husband in “The Blues Brothers” passed in June. Damn, I’m getting old.

Heres’ “Think” from the aforementioned movie:

R.I.P. Aretha. Long live the Queen.