People Can't Get Over Pete Davidson Attending Aretha Franklin's Funeral

That was the headline for the Huffpost article. Not knowing who the fuck Pete Davidson is, I for some reason read the whole article, and I still don’t know why anyone cared one way or the other why he was there. Apparently he’s a item with Ariana Grande, who I’ve at least heard of, so she brings him with her. What gives?

I…have no idea. I am also curious.

I guess most of the guests were predictable. News to me that he’s engaged to her but I’d’ve thought this would be known by the typical twit.

I think HuffPost succumbed to the dreaded Clickbait Headline:

“Internet explodes over new toaster technology!”
“Housewife discovers One Weird Trick to remove blood stains from knife!”
“Kids! Grow Giant Bananas in Your Backyard!”
(oh, wait, that last one was from the back page of a 1959 Popular Mechanics…)

“12-year old becomes millionaire selling Wolverine salve door-to-door!”

I knew who Pete Davidson was from watching SNL but just stumbled over the fact that he was dating or engaged to Grande a few days ago. Seemed like an odd pairing to me. They probably share an intense hatred for terrorism. His father was a fireman that died at the WTC on 9-11 and her concert at Manchester Arena was bombed by a terrorist.

Pete Davidson seems to be the pop culture whipping boy these days, seems to stem from “Who the hell does this idiot doofus think he is dating Ariana Grande?!” This is just something else to slag him on.


OH! He’s the guy who ordered the diner lobster!

Who am I? And why am I condemned to boil alive?

She is invited to attend and perform. She brings her fiancé. That’s not too surprising.

Ariana Grande is now catching it for wearing an inappropriately short skirt to the funeral.

Yay! Slutshaming after she was groped by a pastor.

But that’s basically his shtick, isn’t it? I mean, if you asked him that very question, he’d probably say something like, “I know! It doesn’t make any sense!” He’s a laid-back loser, a stoner from Staten Island who’s just happy to be here. I have a feeling he’d be very confused if people thought he and Grande made sense together.

Very appropriate that Bill Clinton was near Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton


Really? I must be missing something. Maybe you could explain.


Jim’s Son, this is yet another Warning for inappropriate political potshots. Given that neither past Warnings nor a suspension have gotten you to stop this behavior, this just might be your final one.

I don’t disagree. But the headlines around Pete being at Aretha’s funeral is just a continuation of this.

Replying to TriPolar:
I think maybe that refers to a snippet of video that was going viral in which Bill Clinton (sitting behind her as she performed) appeared to be closely scrutinizing AG’s butt. Video from another angle may or may not show the same. I later saw another bit of video of her performing and Bill leaned over and spoke to the guy next to him. If you were primed to assume the worst you could imagine he was commenting on her body.

I know what his character is like. I have no idea what he is like.