Democractic leaders appear on stage with Louis Farrakhan. MSM silent.

President Bill Clinton and Black Democratic Leaders Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson share stage with avowed racist and Anti Semite Louis Farrakhan. And the Main Stream Media is silent. What if President Trump had appeared on stage with racist and white Supremacist David Duke? The photo would be the lead story for the MSM media around the world calling for President Trump’s removal from office. MSM hypocrisy at it best!

You should mention they were at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. They didn’t choose for Farrakhan to be there.

And none of the three are or will be running for any elected position nor likely to be appointed to any paid national government post in the remainder of their lives.

And Trumps already has that whole fraud, agent of a foreign power, campaign finance irregularities going on, not to mention the CTers, so …

What’s your opinion of the family of a genuine American hero not wanting Trump anywhere near his funeral?

Wow, three former Presidents were in the same building as two assholes (I count Sharpton as being as bad as Farrakhan). Somebody should do … something …

I don’t know who mangosteen is. I guess I know a little more about you.

If you wish to rant about Farrakhan or who he shares a stage with or the media go do so in the Pit. Do not start any other threads like this in MPSIMS.

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How close to Farrakhan do you have to get in order to catch Farrakhan cooties?

OK, so Louis Farrakhan attended Aretha Franklin’s funeral and was given a seat on the stage. Thanks for letting us know. Now, what, precisely does the OP believe is to be done with that information?

At Aretha Franklin’s funeral? That seems more than a bit unlikely. In any event, I imagine the pro-Trump media, such as the outfit you linked to, would have either ignored it or buried it at the bottom of the page and told us it didn’t mean nothin’.

Oh, bullshit. You don’t get to claim hypocricy on a hypothetical future event.

Sorry to quibble, but I’m pretty sure it was Senator McCain himself who asked the current president to not attend, and two former presidents to give eulogies.

Mango: Fuck the Washington Times, fuck Louis Farrakhan, and fuck you.

Farrakan’s photo was in at least some of the lamestream media such as here

I didn’t have to look hard. Farrakan isn’t overly newsworthy these days. He’s 85, had heart attacks and other health issues, AFAIK he’s not even active in the Nation of Islam any longer beyond being a figurehead (I could be wrong but can’t be bothered to look this up).

Glad the OP is outraged though on the behalf of all of us. I’m sure he shares the same sentiments about racism when Trump opens is Big Mac hole

He still has a program that broadcasts online, and also on public access in my area. Since you mentioned he’s 85, from what little I’ve seen of it, they are probably old programs.

My bad. So many funerals this week. There was only one former President at Aretha Franklin’s funeral, where Farrakhan was also present. It was John McCain’s funeral where there were three former Presidents and presumably no Louis Farrakhan.

That said, my point still stands. You’re not endorsing somebody by being in the same building with them. No matter how much Fox News and the OP want to make an issue out of this.

You might want to throw Fox News in the pile too. They’re currently running the story with the headline “Bill Clinton blasted for sharing stage with ‘Black Hitler’ Louis Farrakhan at Aretha Franklin’s funeral”

McCain obviously felt otherwise. :slight_smile:

From this, he wants us to conclude that any criticism or insinuation that Donald Trump is racist is insincere partisan bullshit meant solely to smear a political opponent.

Which means OP has destroyed a valid point (“Louis Farrakhan is a hateful fuckhead everyone should distance themselves from simply on moral grounds.”) by tying it to that stupid political stance.

Frankly, I could hardly come up with a better way to boost Louis Farrakhan’s popularity. Which is part of why FOX News does it, since they know he’s a great big stick they can use to beat Democrats with.

If Trump appeared onstage with Duke, it would probably be at Steve Bannon’s funeral; and I think everyone would nod their heads and say, “Yeah, that makes sense. It isn’t even the most racist thing Trump has done.”