Democractic leaders appear on stage with Louis Farrakhan. MSM silent.

…this week.

Fucking Donald could burn a cross on Obama’s yard and his apologists would accuse anybody offended by it of being liberal snowflakes. But of course all Democrats have to be personally responsible for anyone that appears on stage with them at a fucking funeral.

This is an example of how a true statement can be phrased to mislead.

For example, if I said “I paid a man $200 to stick needles into my son.” What would you think?

If I said instead, “I took my son to the doctor to get his measles shots.” You would draw an entirely different conclusion.

The OP’s intent was to mislead by insinuating that Clinton, Farrakhan and Sharpton got together in public for no good purpose. This is dishonest and results in making any of the OP’s further statements suspect. He obviously meant to disrupt and enrage, and thus cannot be trusted. You did nothing to convince us your intent was reliable or valid.

David Duke represents an organization that has a long history of violent racial oppression, with a long string of lynchings and bloodbaths of African-Americans to its name.

Farrakhan represents a group, that while it talks a big game, is involved in little more than scams and criminal mischief. While the organization does have violence in its history, it is primarily internal and not even a fraction of a fraction that the KKK has in its long and bloody history.

The snivelling little punk tried to hide behind mommy’s skirts (MPSIMS) while filling his diaper. Welcome to the Pit asshole.

So, thank you Bone and eat a bag of shit Mango.

I’d think you took your son to an acupuncturist. :slight_smile:

Anyway, yeah the OP left out crucial information making this seem much worse than it really is. Was Aretha Franklin on especially good terms with Farrakhan, though? I know she and her family were tight with MLK, but Farrakhan? Bummer if she was.

OP has all the depth of pertinent information as a Faux News report.

Their weekly Pinochle game.

An OP of feigned outrage over a grossly and transparently misrepresented and politicized, non political event, is really the hill you chose to broadcast LOUD just how lame a poster you can be?

This is the kind of moronic question that has brought us to our current political state. OP, you should be think big hard about what your purpose and place in our society ought to be.

Mangosteen, I’m going to agree with you and call for Clinton’s removal from office. Clinton should be impeached for his actions and should no longer be the head of the Democratic party. . .

Oh, He’s been impeached and was removed from office in 2000? Well, then he’s surely the head of the Democratic Party? Oh, not since at least 2008? Well, I guess my demands have been met. Carry on. Now on to Trump . . .

And the other one is where a Big Pharma shill cons you out of $200 and gives your son autism.

I’m not sure if we’re doing this right.

This covers the thread.

There ya go, this is the crux of the whole damn stupid argument this mangomoron is pushing.

You’re not.

There’s an art to it. You have to make a true statement that’s misleading, not state an opinion.

The whataboutism is getting increasingly desperate.

Not coming back to defend what you posted?

You’re quite the gutless pussy coward, aren’t you?

Careful, there, MangoBricker’s a lawyer and you’re infringing on his trademark of “liberal hypocrisy”. You may find yourself in legal trouble…

It logged on a couple of times today. Strangely quiet.

I figure he didn’t want Trump there because Trump would have been an asshole to everyone and made it all about him.