ARG220/Adam - Aid for yawning

Adam/ARG - I can (probably) fix your yawning problem. Some of my students (martial arts) have this happen to them on occasion in the middle of workouts. Used to happen to me too. Anyway, the reason why you yawn in this case isn’t because of tiredness but because of a lack of oxygen.

Answer: Take a breath! I bet if you stop and examine your behaviour when you are nervous you will notice that you will tend to hold your breath more.

Thanks for the advice Bernard. I’m not sure if I hold my breath more when I’m nervous, but a little relaxation/meditation couldn’t hurt either. Perhaps just sitting down, and taking some slow, deep breaths will do the trick?

I’ll try it next time I get anxious about something. :slight_smile:


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I was about to leap to Adam’s defense, since I have never found his posts to be boring and therefore of no use if you wish to induce yawning…oh never mind…

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I used to do this a lot, too…especially embarrasing when getting yelled at by a boss :::yawn!:::…Turns out I was holding my breath or taking really shallow breaths. I try to take good, deep cleansing breaths now in stressful situations, and it really has done the trick.

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