Argh! Coffee in keyboard

I just filled my keyboard with coffee (the external one luckily, not the one on my laptop). I wasn’t even flailing around or anything - it was a “sip… sip… fumbleFUMBLEFUMBLEsplat” or “inexplicable dropping of object”.

So how do I save my keyboard? Is it enough to put it upside-down on some newspapers and wait for it to dry out, or should I try to vacuum it or something?

(There wasn’t any sugar in the coffee, but there was milk - will it do interesting stuff to my keyboard if left to dry?)

Ms Butterfinger

I’ve never been able to save one. Hie thee to the computer store, says I…

I was hoping someone might have a miracle method, but you’re probably right. :frowning: Curse these fat fingers.

My dad used to wash his in the bathtub, and they still worked (after a thorough drying).

Keyboards are cheap though, it’s probably not worth the hassle to try and save the drenched one.

Brb, searching for sdmb takes awhile.

Perhaps it is a whoosh, but here is some advice:

Thanks for the advice! I’ll get back to you with the results…

Last time that happened, I washed the keyboard under warm running water (I used a shower), then turned it upside down and left it to dry for a couple of days. Keyboard worked perfectly after that. I’m sure a dishwasher would work too but it may be overkill.

But don’t try this with a laptop… :smiley:

I ran my keyboard through the dishwasher a couple of months ago. I hadn’t spilled anything on it. It was just disgustingly grungy looking.

I let it dry for three-four days. Letting it dry COMPLETELY is essential.

Anyhoo, keyboard came out shiny-clean and still works fine.

I washed mine too, using the sink hose. I really like this keyboard and couldn’t find another one like it.

Like everyone says, the key (heh) is drying. I used a spare and let the clean one dry for several days.

I wash my hands all the time – how do they get so dirty?

I did this to my work keyboard last year. I popped off the keys, cleaned them by hand. Noted that none of the coffee got in the innards of the keyboard (the electronics) due to the design of the casing. Bonus. Cleaned the casing, put everything back together. Let it dry (just in case).

Works just fine, even though I think I missed a key - it sticks. Yeah, I drink my coffee with cream and sugar.