My keyboard is broken

So I won’t be makin many posts for a few days, until I ave te time to etq a replaceqment.

My keyboard is new and shiney. It has working space bars … … . . !

Hmm…too bad you can’t just nip off to the local small British shop and get a new keyboard. :wink:

If all you did was spill coffee or something else into it, it will usually recover if you put it upside down in the dishwasher, turn off the drying cycle at the end (often called power saver dry or some such, so you have to turn it ON to turn the heat OFF, just to confuse you) and also, don’t use soap.

Let dry for 1 day.

Note - this only works for spills and extreme dirt. It won’t resurrect a keyboard that has broken contacts on the circuit board or membrane.

My keyboard is shiny and new.

Well, matte black and new.

Best of all, it’s a buckling-spring keyboard! (You know the old clacky IBM keyboards? Like that.)

I looooove my new keyboard.

Post away! We’ll just pretend you’re a teenager.

It was lucky that you managed to get the thread title perfectly typed, then. :dubious:

I once typed an entire (long) post by cutting and pasting. Sometimes whole words, sometimes letters. God, did that take forever! And two minutes after I posted, the damn thread was closed!

(And now I learn there’s some sort of character map you can somehow access and just click on the “keyboard” on your screen? Still sounds tedious, but better than what I did!)

Fixed now (well, I bought a new keyboard… it’s wireless too :D)

engineer_comp_geek, I did try that, in fact my keyboard wasn’t working at all until I did that, but g and h wouldn’t work at all, and q would only appear after other letters, not by pressing it. And there were other problems with the ctrl, alt, etc keys.

Which is why I had no trouble typing the title. I was able to make a g or h by alt+104 (in fact I needed to do this to logon!), but it ain’t natural…

click click click click click

Driven nuts yet?

Thank you sir, for making me smile at a stressedful end of the day! its friday and im not in a party mood! >.<

My name is Igor

I got a keyboard

I got a keyboard, shiny and new!

I’m gonna type me all kinds of sparkling prose

That’s what I’m gonna do!

I was going to suggest using your mouse to copy and paste individual letters\words from random Wikipedia articles to compose your posts.

But if you want to go out and buy a new keyboard, I guess that works too.

Or from all over the Net, giving it a ransom note effect.