Arghh!! With a decent recovery.

Somehow I managed to shut off the alarm at 6:00 this morning thinking it Saturday. Sleepily I caught a glimpse of the clock as it edged past 7:00 and thought, “Well, I’ll probably rejoin the world around 9:00.”

As I drifted off, thoughts wandered to how my Friday lunch plans had worked out…! They had’nt happened yet! It’s Friday!!!

I rocketed out of bed at 7:10 and arrived, shaved, showered and (thankfully) dressed at 7:40 (the office opens at 7:30).

Heh. Nobody else is here yet.

Yesterday afternoon at the Y, my kid and I were on the treadmills. I asked her “What are your work hours tomorrow?” meaning Saturday. Then the horrible realization hit that I still had to make it thru Friday.

What a let-down feeling that was…

In reverse . . .

One dark winter morning when I was in college I heard my alarm go off. I stumbled groggily down the dorm hall to the bathroom, which was strangely empty. I showered and did the rest of my stuff, then returned to my room, where I noticed that the clock read something like 2:30 am. Don’t know why I thought my alarm had gone off – it was set for the correct time of 6:30 or whatever. I sheepishly climbed back into bed and didn’t tell my roommate or friends about it for a loooong time.

However, I used to be the QUEEN of oversleeping.

Nowadays, with me self-employed and Mr. S working a screwy rotating schedule, I never know what the hell day it is anyway. I might take Tuesday off instead of Saturday, or work 13 days in a row. “Hump day” and TGIF lost their meaning a long time ago.

See! You’re using the wrong alarm. :slight_smile:

I do that all the time. I work from home primarily, but go into the office on Mondays and Thursdays. I love my schedule but it make me nuts when I first wake up.

I usually end up looking at my birth control pills to see what day it is.