Arguing when you can't know the answer.....

This is too tame for the pit and more of an observation but it has happened a number of times in the past and really I’m just always complete flabergasted.

Why do people persist in arguing about something once they’ve been shown that they are wrong and cannot be right. Here’s a couple of examples…

My husband, drummer, and I played for an art festival here in town. We ran into another drummer we both know. Said drummer admired a very nice cymbal my husband has and then commented that he remembered another, similar cymbal from last year’s festival. No, that was the same cymbal my husband says. No, says the other guy, it wasn’t the same cymbal, it didn’t sound the same. My husband assures him that he only has 1 cymbal of that type but the other guy insists it was another.

Why would he persist when he can’t possibly know what cymbals my husband owns? This is a Zildjian K in a particular size and he’s only got one. Only ever had one and it is a prized posession that he uses on almost every single gig. (and has been admired by many different drummers) Of course he knows if he used it last year.

The other guy was clearly mistaken but wouldn’t take no for an answer. They finally just got to talking about something else.

A few months ago I ran into a mutual friend at a bar where we were shopping a gig. She mentioned the last time hearing me sing and how much she liked my rendition of the song “Scotch and Soda”. I said, no, that wasn’t me. I don’t know that song. She insisted that it was me and she wouldn’t take my word for it that I didn’t know and had never known that song. That conversation also finally just shifted directions because arguing with her was pointless. She wouldn’t believe that I hadn’t sung the song.

Did she think I forgot? I didn’t and still don’t know the song scotch and soda (and I prefer my scotch on the rocks, thanks).

Ever had that happen to you? It’s just so surreal.

And I meant to put that in MPSIMS since it’s pretty tame for the pit.


Scotch and soda,
Jigger of gin,
Oh what a spell you’ve got me in, oh my,
Do I feel higher than a kite can fly?
Give me lovin’, baby, I feel high.

Holy cow, I’m old.

Similar thing happened to me a while back. I was waiting in line at a deli, and a guy came up to me and asked if I’d been the sound guy at some concert a while back. It wasn’t me. I don’t know the first thing about setting something like that up, and only attend one or two concerts a year in the first place. But the guy wouldn’t let it go. He kept adding more and more details, like I’d suddenly remember that, oh yeah, I am a fully qualified sound engineer, and had just forgotten for a minute.

Yeah, I don’t get it, either. I had someone insist that he’d met my sister. I don’t have a sister, never did. My brother could never be taken for a girl, for that matter. It’s one thing to say “I met someone that could pass for your sister.” But this person insisted that I had a sister, that s/he (can’t remember who it was, now) had met my sister, and that I was now either lying about not having a sister or had forgotten I had a sister. WTF?

Incidentally, my SO is prone to this type of behavior. It really cracks me up, when it doesn’t drive me up a friggin’ wall.

I think there was a SNL sketch about the same kind of thing that went something like:

  1. What was your name again?

  2. My name’s Joe.

  3. No, that’s not it, but it started with a J, was it John?

  4. No, it’s Joe,

  5. No, no, gimme a minute, I’ll think of it was it Jesse?

and on and on…funny if it weren’t so close to true.

Moved. Just for you. :slight_smile:

With people like this, I just abruptly switch tracks:

Me: “Well, that was a lot of rain we had today.” (Knowing that not a drop fell from the sky.)
Them: “No it didn’t.”
Me: “Okay, we’re even. I was right once and now so are you.”

Seems to work for me, because they usually just walk away.

Well, you’ve asked the question in the right place. We have some of the finest specimens of that kind of person right here on the boards.

Some people believe that they haven’t lost the argument as long as they’re still talking…

I have a coworker who is *convinced * that Lewis Carroll was on LSD when he wrote Alice. Can’t look it up now, cause my computer is at a crawl, but Snoeps says LSD was not synthesized until years after he wrote his book. I suppose there could have been some other drug, but it also annoys me that just because she can’t conceive of writing a fanciful book without drugs, no one else could either.

Thank you SkipMagic You’ve always been my favorite :wink:

Yes, Lamar Mundane I know just what you mean. It’s frustrating and infuriating.

Actually, it’s just that the barrier between quantum dimensions is very thin and occasionally someone phases through from an alternate reality where you * do * have a sister, * do * have multiple cymbals, and * do * have a sizeable repertoire of old standards.
(I’ll swear that this is the only explanation for the fact that I’ll notice, for the first time, a shop that had clearly been there for years, or encounter a product or fact that I * should * have heard of, but which has apparently materialized into existence overnight.)

My guess is that these people [obscure literary reference warning] have wandered out into a foggy night and crossed into our reality [/obscure literary reference].