Ari Fleischer, you were the perfect man for the job

I just saw Fleischer on the Daily Show and I see now why Bush picked him for the job of Press Secretary. This man’s ability to spew bullshit on television, without the slightest intimation of shame, is breathtaking.

Approximate quote from the interview:
“How can this country ever be strong with 45% of Americans [under Obama’s proposed policies] excused from paying income tax . . . Everyone should pay income tax.”

Notice to the roughly one third of Americans who currently pay no income tax: Ari Fleischer, conservative Republican, McCain-Palin supporter, and former spokesman for the Bush White House, thinks your taxes are too low.

Good God, you shit-eating, one-testicled catamite, I hope you get foot fungus.

Actually, I thought he was pretty fun, and remarkably even-handed considering he’s a (well-) paid Republican shill.

Ahh, nevermind. I just saw your “location”. Nothing else matters.

Yeah; he kept referring to Obama’s modestly more progressive tax plan as “a massive redistribution of wealth”, and repeated that bullshit talking point about Sarah Palin having more “executive experience” than Obama. (They’ve said the same thing about Joe Biden – his quarter century in the Senate has included zero “executive experience”, unlike being mayor of a podunk town in Alaska.)

ETA: Fleischer may have been the most effective of Bush’s press secretaries; he always seemed to enjoy lying, and I don’t think he has a conscience to get in the way. Scott McClellan used to get all sweaty and scared-looking. Tony Snow was a dedicated bullshitter, but by the time he came along the administration had lost any credibility it had. Don’t know anything about the new chick.

Well, technically, Palin does have more “executive” experience than Obama. The point you need to be making is not that that isn’t true, but that being the mayor of some podunk town in Alaska has little or no relevance to being President or Vice-President.

I would be more inclined to say that not having a job as the Chief Executive of something doesn’t mean you don’t make executive decisions. Everyone who has a fairly successful professional career has had to learn to make executive decisions. Obama probably made more executive decisions as a law student than Calvin Coolidge did as President.

  1. What do you mean “nevermind”? If you had had anything to say in the first place, I think you would have said it.
  2. Yes! I admit it! One of my opinions is consistent with one of my other opinions! Clearly I’m not to be trusted! :rolleyes:

Kind of like when I see your name? “Eh, whatever.”

Perhaps we’re simply arguing semantics, but what “executive decision” would a law student make?

Smoke weed or work on a brief.

What about multi-tasking? Some law school briefs would be improved by a little weed…

And Bush had lots - we see how that worked out. I wish they had considered successful executive experience. Palin left her town in debt, which seems the Republican thing to do nowadays.

I was amused how the audience booed him after the executive experience talking point.

I did like the caller ID comment, though. I’ve used it myself.

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