Chances of Obama dying from a Biden gaffe?

We all know ol’ Senator Biden is one gaffe-prone motherfucker. So what are the odds that Biden perpetrates a gaffe so hardcore that it actually kills Obama somehow?

Say they are touring a nuclear facility and–“Oh no Senator Biden!”–he tries to flush the toilet and hits the “immediate meltdown” button instead?

Or what if he speaks Persian in a speech about Iran only to accidentally say the most offensive and provocative thing possible, thus causing Iran to start WWIII?

Do you think the odds of Biden gaffiing Obama to death are greater before or after the election? (Before: more time together. After: gaffes can have bigger consequences.)

Thanks for your input SDMB!

In case you haven’t caught on yet, this is a parody thread.

No matter how much you think that the SDMB and your little cadre of Obama rally-attending dumbfucks are representative of America at large, there are lots of people that like McCain and Palin and want them elected. We know you think these people are stupid (there’s the reply button so you can say so yourself). McCain and Palin are trying to get elected by appealing to these people (the ones you don’t like). These people like Palin for the most part despite the fact that she’s probably never even been to a single Obama rally or cried over the future of our country after listening to Obama read a teleprompter like nobody’s business.

So, McCain’s not going to ask her to resign, she’s not dropping out, she’s not going to fail to show up at the debate, yadda yadda etc. ad infinitum. The world doesn’t work that way. Just because Palin says or did or believes something you don’t agree with doesn’t mean her chances are over and she should just hang it up. They aren’t running for you. (They aren’t running for me, either, but that won’t stop this tread filling up with people who treat me like a McCain/Palin defender. Watch. This paranthetical won’t stop them.)

No one cares what you think Palin should do. These threads are annoying. (And yes, I AM the decider of which threads are annoying, thankyouverymuch.)

I’d say it’s about 50-50. Biden **is **a dumb motherfucker.

I’m going to go ahead and ignore the rest of what you wrote because all that matters is that I get my Biden dig in and to hell with what the post is really about. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find some *Firefly *threads so I can blame Sarah Palin for getting the show cancelled.

Thanks for the clearly neutral and objective analysis.

Dude, you prove that link and I’m voting for the clean articulate black man. Firefly/Serenity kicks ass.

Meh, I don’t think that all Palin or McCain supporters are stupid. I think that many are “true believers”. I’m sure she’s likable in a way, particularly if you happen to hold the same beliefs as she does. It is astonishing to many here that McCain has morphed from a tough guy, tell it like it is, even when it offends his own, to a tell any lie and take any risk to win kind of guy. He comes across as desperate. Palin comes across as not terribly articulate and seems to not think well on her feet.

FWIW, I agree with you that the endless threads are annoying, but I think it’s not just the SDMB that comes up with some of this stuff. Much of it is precipitated by true conservatives, like George Will, who are turned off by her. If you truly believe that abortion/fundamental Christianity is the only important thing for the country, then Palin makes sense. Otherwise, I don’t see it. I know that’s she supposed to be an anti-establishment character, but her actions don’t stack up to that. Her actions scream “opportunist”. McCain’s actions are starting to match that.

Best of luck to your side in the campaign. I hope McCain loses. If he doesn’t, I hope he’s a bit less of a prick when he’s president. I’m sure he’s an upgrade on Bush, rhetoric aside. And I hope to hell he survives his term in office, since I think that Palin would be horribly out of her depth as POTUS.

I believe Sarah Palin would be “horribly out of her depth” as VP. I strongly fear that she would be thoroughly “handled” as POTUS, and to a degree that would make GWB look more like a maverick than McCain claims to be.

And there it is, in ony 4 replies (one of which is mine). I’m fiscally conservative and socially liberal, so I only want McCain to win by default. I therefore don’t consider myself a full McCain/Palin defender, and I don’t think I’m the type of person they are directing the campaign toward.

Whew! I’ve been trying to figure that one out. I have this list of about fifty or so threads that I’m on the fence about – need help fast!
I think the sinking potential (or rabid hope?) exists not for the party-leaning voters, but for that gray area of independents and leaners. Those folks who, say, favor universal healthcare but are mildly pro-life. They own a shotgun (and hunt), don’t think there is any real danger of having it taken away, and favor gun control in cities. The description can go on, and I think there would be a lot more so-called independents (i.e., hard to predict which party they belong to) if we haven’t had such a long history of divisive, us-and-them politics for the past couple election cycles (or thousand years, really).

That 45 percent or so that is going to vote Democrat/Republican will do so largely on general party principles. Either party could have nominated a ham sandwich and, assuming it’s not under indictment, it would likely have garnered a sizeable portion of the base. It’s those in the middle ground that are likely to turn the election (in addition to party success in getting out the vote, etc.), and fair or not, a sizeable blunder by Palin is likely (in many people’s opinion on both sides of the spectrum) to have a greater effect on those voters than a Biden gaffe.

You obviously have a horse in this race, so don’t get all pissy about the nuance of not being a true believer in the McMiracle. You know what he meant.

I would rate the chanes of a huge Biden gaffe as substantially lower than a huge Palin gaffe.

I would also rate Biden’s chance of understanding that he made a gaffe, and trying to correct it, as much higher than Palin’s should she make one.

Now, Universe, I know I haven’t been a very good pantheist. But if you could just arrange it so that Sarah Palin accuses Biden of being a witch…

Biden is a motor mouth who sometimes trips on his tongue, but the chances that he’s going turn people away from Obama are zero. I don’t care if he slaps Palin on the ass and calls her a “prize fucking sow,” (which he won’t do anything close to) it’s still not a good enough reason to risk a Palin Presidency.

Oh. Thanks.

You know, there’s only one thing lamer than bad “parody,” and that’s when the person attempting it comes back to explain that it’s parody.

Eh…maybe 50/50 on this one. If we’re lucky we’ll get both of them stepping in it. That would provide us with weeks of fun here and on YouTube.

The difference is (to the OP) a Biden gaffe is not such a big deal. Oh, I know it will be spun into a “Big Deal” but hell…he’s had a long career as a politician so clearly his gaffes have not sunk him yet. Indeed, by doing it as often as he does it is more a joke than an indictment. “Ah that Biden…there he goes again the goof :-).”

On the other hand people are looking for it with Palin and ready to crucify her. As it currently stands even McCain faithful (and notable faithful at that) are panning her and/or calling for her to step aside (cites at the ready if you need them). People are coming to expect it of her and use it as more ammo of a clear indication she is way out of her depth.

Sorry if the OP hates people dragging Palin down but when you have members of her own party scared of her obvious defects and publicly saying so I do not see getting your panties in a twist when Obama faithful point out the same thing.

Now you have me totally perplexed. What is socially liberal, or fiscally conservative, about the Republican platform. They oppose gay marriage and often oppose any rights for non-married partners. That is socially conservative. They oppose a woman’s decisions to control her own reproductive functions. They oppose teaching kids about sex beyond abstinence. At least one of them believes that creationism should be included in discussions alongside science. One was “curious” about banning books she disagreed with. Please explain to me what the attraction to someone who is “socially liberal” would be?

But it doesn’t end there. The Republicans like to tar the Democrats as “Tax and Spend”. Instead, they have, in the last eight to twelve years, led the charge in “Don’t Tax, just SPEND, SPEND, SPEND”. They’ve created and championed a two front war. Wars are not fiscally conservative. They’ve overseen a meltdown of the financial market through poor fiscal policy - borrow more than you have so that you can spend whatever you like. All lack of regulatory oversight is not, in and of itself, fiscal conservatism.

I’d also consider myself fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I don’t see what we have in common. Please explain.

Maybe this is part of your parody, but so far in this thread the only person to call supporters of the candidate he opposes ‘stupid’ is you.

I don’t know about Rand Rover in particular, but I know a lot of people for whom “socially liberal” means “shit, I don’t wanna KILL any gays, I just want 'em to know their place”. (Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh and Philly at the edges, and Appalachia in between.)

That’s an issue for me, too. I’m developing a fiscal conservative side as I get older, but, the Republicans are too weak on that. It seems that they want to be fiscally conservative (EXCEPT DEFENSE) which is a pretty big caveat considering that defense is the majority of the budget. Even if I didn’t consider civil rights to be more important than fiscal management, which is my driving force to vote Democrat as long as the GOP is the party of extreme Christianity, I’m not sure how a fiscal conservative / social liberal ends up in the GOP of today.

No chance at all of Obama being hurt by a Biden gaffe unless it a major head turner, “There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe…” type gaffe.

FDR going on tv is in the same category as George H.W. Bush’s “Today is Pearl Harbor Day…” gaffe on Sept. 7 1988. Biden’s been known to misspeak just as the first Bush did. But, both men are a known factor, no one doubted their intelligence or their ability to be President.

Biden will make a few mistakes, probably no major ones. Even if he does make a major mistake, it will not be enough to sink him. The VP position and debates are just not that important.

Oh, and the chances of Palin making a few mistakes is large - the chance that she will make a mistake so large she sinks McCain is miniscule. Same rules apply to her.

Wait, you didn’t want a discussion, did you? You just wanted a partisan rant.

Sorry, carry on.