Arian Foster and being Athiest in the NFL

A fascinating article IMO.

The cliffs-notes version is that Foster is a non-believer in a hyper-religious sport and it touches on how it affects him as a player. I was especially happy over the portrayal of his relationship with Justin Forsett. Two smart guys who differ religiously and don’t hate each other, don’t fight, and don’t show any bias…just have deep, meaningful conversations about what they believe.

As a tried-and-true Christian I thought this article was an interesting read and I wish more athests acted like Arian, and more christians acted like Justin

Great story, thanks for posting it. As a non-believer, I totally agree with your last sentence. :slight_smile:

Smug atheists bother me as much as smug believers. Foster’s always struck me as a really good person. I love his celebrations when he scores, a simple bow, and then back to work. Nothing flashy, just joy at a job well done.

That is an excellent article. I had no idea he was such a thoughtful person. All I knew was he did great for me on my fantasy team last year.

So why ARE there so many very publicly devout players in the NFL? Prayer is the only chance they have of avoiding CTE? :wink:

The only CTE I need are Christs TEachings amirite!


All kidding aside, NFL players are disproportionately Southern and disproportionately black, two groups that are likelier to be seriously Christian than the average American.

There’s also something of a cyclical effect; if everyone’s a born-again Christian then the industry is more accommodating of born-agains than other people and born-agains feel more welcome trying out for, and remaining on, football teams.

I’m not too shocked about Foster… and I’m pretty happy. Nice to know a fellow non-believer is out there on Sundays. My football buddies have overall been ok… though several noted that his groin would heal faster with the belief of Heeyyy-Zeuss.
Foster also has made very salient points about taking benefits during his time at Univ of Tennessee. He’s a pretty thoughtful guy… he needs to apply that to below the waist. having a kid with stripper is just a questionable idea

Well, I wish more christians responded to fact, logic and reason, had a desire to base belief upon evidence.

IMO football has an appeal to those who are comfortable with lots of structure and authoritarian leadership. There is the same sense of belonging that many get from participation in organized church activities. Football coaches, not surprisingly, are very comfortable with conventional Christianity though some are simply more traditionalist by nature – my coach led my team in prayer so it must be something I should do for my team.

That Sweeney cat at Clemson is pretty scary in how much religious belief he incorporates into his program. Chances are good that, as he’s advanced through the coaching ranks, he’s always been involved with programs that had a big religious presence in them.

Aww…and this thread was going so well too…

Foster will never shy away from an opportunity to let you know how smart he is. Yes, I’m sure he’s a rare breed in the NFL, and I have not read the linked article, but he has in the past come off a bit condescending.

No, it wasn’t.

Well, not anymore thanks to you

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If Jesus is the groundskeeper for the Texans’ practice fields, your friends might have a point.

It’s worth reading the article - that’s something that he acknowledges and talks a bit about.