Arise, Roland and Repel the Paynim!

I think there’s only one answer: We must round up the Mohammedans and put them to work in camps. Those too young, old, or sick to work should be set on fire and used to generate electricity. It’s carbon neutral and, the way these people breed, it’s even renewable. Then we can get to work on the coloreds in the U.S.; I don’t know why we bothered to rescue them from Africa if all they’re going to do is go on welfare and commit crimes. :rolleyes:

Fucking A, people! Does anyone besides me have any Muslim friends, or have you ever seen any, except behind Plexiglas at the zoo? If you actually sit down with them over coffee and donuts, you’ll discover that (shock, gasp) they’re just people, up to such sinister tasks as working, talking, eating, and watching tv, so take your lies and bigotry back under the rock to the pale, bloated invertebrate that spawned it.

Silly rabbit, you don’t set people on fire to generate electricity.

Everyone knows you wrap them in copper wire and rotate them quickly through a magnetic field.

But where do you get the energy to spin the Muslims, other than by burning more Muslims?

Oh, they spin themselves.

Hook up a few Chinee.

Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Out of morbid curiosity a number of years ago, I wondered how much power the Nazis could have generated if they had used their crematoria to produce electricity. Making a few assumptions of the weight, protein and fat content of starving people, and multiplying by the 12 million people they killed, I came up with enough megawatt-hours to power a modern city of 100k. So the solution is obvious. You spin the Muslims by burning Jews, Gypsies and Homosexuals.

I always wondered why conservatives keep trying to cut out all of the EPA ppm air pollution regs …

It kind of seems like witches would be the obvious first choice.

coffeecat: The OP of the thread to which you provided a link is a bigot. So are his or her “fellow travelers” in that thread. They’re simply immune to logic, reason, and facts.

It don’t mean we can’t make fun of them.

But how do we tell if they’re witches?

Let’s see, why do witches burn . . .

I thought that only involved corpses spinning in their graves.

A seriously overlooked potential source of electricity, if you ask me.

Because they’re… made of… wood?