Arizona D-Backs Fans - Ever Been in the Pool?

I was watching the Dodgers, D-Backs game on Sunday night (boy did LA give them a shoeing or what?), and the whole idea of the pool puzzled me.

According to the commentators hiring the pool cost $5900 and is for parties of up to 35 in number.

That works out at approx $170 (£100) per person.
That’s a lot of money to go see a ball game.

I also noticed that many of the people there were in the pool playing about with a ball.
Maybe that’s because the D-Backs were getting beaten heavily and they’d given up, maybe not.

So my questions are:

Have any dopers been in the pool at Bank One Ballpark?
Private hire or Corporate?
Do you think it was worth the money?
How much of the game do you actually see due to the distraction of the pool?

On a side note does anyone think that any new ball parks (they are building a new Fenway at some point aren’t they?) will have similar gimmicks?
A dry ski slope maybe??

I’m really hoping there’s some Arizona fans out there that can answer these questions as the idea of a pool in a sports stadium just seems to me to be the most bizarre concept. :confused: