Arizona Democratic Party HQ ‘Completely Destroyed’ In Arson Attack

The Democratic Party’s state and county headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, was targeted in an arson attack on Friday.

Luckily, no one was injured in the early-hours blaze that ripped through and decimated the part of the building occupied by the Maricopa County Democratic Party. The state party’s HQ suffered minor damage.

The inferno destroyed decades’ worth of gathered voter and candidate information and memorabilia, according to local news reports.

It was definitely set deliberately, Phoenix Police Department Sgt. Mercedes Fortune told reporters.

Let the Dirty Tricks begin continue…


I did volunteer and worked there on the phones in the last election.

Shows how desperate the Trumpsters are.

Appalling, illegal and not at all surprising.

How long before the magaters start blaming the Democrats for the fire?

I heard the two people seen leaving the scene of the fire shouted THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY as they made their escape

Well, someone saw a tall, well-dressed Black man with close-cropped gray hair near the scene. Obama smokes, right? There ya go!

There’s been an arrest:

Apparently this story is another illustration of why it’s bad to jump to conclusions before the evidence comes in. The perp seems to be an authentic crazy person who has tried to call the White House to talk to Ivanka Trump, but who did have a multi-year association with the Democratic party in Phoenix.

The bright spot in the story is that the local Dems broke off connection with him, rather than nominating him for federal office.