Oh dear, the violence has started

Republican office firebombed. Nazi accusations too.

I know some Dopers are working on the Democrat campaign; I hope you’re all safe.

Good for them. Now burn the Trumpy Wumpy golf course down so it’s proved he has no insurance.

I’m pretty sure I join like 99% of the posters on this board in wholeheartedly condemning this dangerous violence. I am really glad that Clinton doesn’t wink at it or do anything to suggest that this is an appropriate response to one’s political enemies.

…and it’s the 1%.

This isn’t firebombing Trump. This is committing arson on a building that employs people, next to other buildings that employ people. If it were just graffiti, I’d consider it extremely ill-advised; with the threats and especially with the fire, it rises to the level of political terrorism.

As Clinton’s campaign has already said:

It is revolting to treat this as a good thing.

From the article:

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That is horrendous. There are certainly dangerous idiots on both ends of the political spectrum – in this case, the left (or at least the anti-Trump). Let’s fervently hope this is the last such incident, against anyone. Thank goodness no one was hurt.

Bolding mine. No one was injured. Fine. Misdemeanor, $20 fine each. Trumpy Wumpy’s supporters are supporting violence. Tit for tat. All we’re going to hear from the most disgusting man in the nation is that Hillary planned it. More violent rhetoric.

Best thing is to kidnap his kids and watch him refuse to pay the kidnappers.

It’s their Machiavellian hell they created, not mine.

Agreed on all counts. Horrifying.

This is despicable.



This is not acceptable. Ever.

There is no place for violence and intimidation in elections. Those responsible best be caught and prosecuted.
The Chicago politics cynic in me is always just a little bit: orly? when a campaign office is vandalized. Those guilty, prosecute them.

First of all, it’s dumb luck that no one was hurt. What if a staffer with a late night and an early morning had decided to sleep in the office? Secondly, The bomb did a lot of damage. A lot more than twenty bucks worth. Also, the penalty for arson is surely a lot more severe than a small fine.

If Trump is vulgar and terrifying, the thing to do is not to be like him.

Finally, first rule of holes, dude.

Encouraging violence is against the law and, therefore, a violation of SDMB rules.

Beyond that, this is enough over the top as to look very much like trolling.

Knock it off.

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Encouraging violence is not against the law, actually.

But it is fucking stupid.

Partially despicable. Should’ve been the Trump Tower after evacuated. I’d love to see his properties burned to the ground. I’m still voting for the golf course in Doral. His supporters threaten violence, including “shoot the bitch” shouted from the rooftops at all his little fingered rallies. I’ve wanted to beat the shit out of Trumpy Wumpy since 1991. And now the GOP accepts his behavior, his lewdness, his threats, etc.

Okay, I’ll Change my mind since it was a generic GOP office. If it was an official Trump campaign outfit, THEN I will give my encouragement. Might not be fair to everyone in the GOP, but I hope this hinders campaign efforts for any republican supporting Mango Mussolini.

Again, I don’t want PEOPLE hurt, just the con man.

From my POV, you are not better than they are. Not even a sliver.

So, since it would have been brought up if a Hillary office had been bombed/vandalized - any chance it is false flag operation by some Trump supporters trying to make Hillary look bad? I in no way think the Trump campaign (or the Hillary campaign) had anything to do with this.

There are, but I wouldn’t jump to that assumption. Slice it how you will, but this is great news for Trump. So it might be due to a very, very stupid Democrat supporter, but what if it’s Trump’s own goons? (ETA: I don’t mean Trump or high-level organizers, but some local goons thinking one step ahead.) This is bound to be a talking point with Trump and his acolytes, probably eventually morphing into “Hillary ordered the firebombing”. “I don’t know,” Trump might say, “but this is what I hear people saying” before launching into “this election is rigged”.

This idiotic action actually HELPS Trump, and encourages his followers to commit violent acts of their own.

It is completely unacceptable, and NOBODY should be cheering it on. Ever.

Sorry, tomanddeb, I missed your post.

I Will Knock it off.

Apologies to all.