Violence leading into the 2018 Midterms

Starting this more due to this:

Someone put four rounds through the window of a local Republican party office in Florida. Nobody was there at the time.

I am wondering if we are going to see more as we head to the polls next week.


That is exactly the first recent violent incident that came to mind when I read the thread title. Well done.

That’s interesting I thought of all the bombs sent. None went off fortunately, but it seems to me the intent was more violent than the shots fired into a presumably empty office.

Bombs you say? That seems like the kind of thing I would have heard about. Are you sure?

Trump is doubling down on the rallies beforehand, so probably. If there’s anywhere you can find a cowardly bigot stupid enough to believe Trump, it’s at one of his rallies.

The President has assured us that any reports of violence directed against Democrats, liberals, blacks, Muslims, women, Mexicans, Jews, gays, school children, and/or news organizations are Fake News.

So let’s drop all such nonsense and get back to the important issues: some windows belonging to Republicans have been broken.

I first thought of gangs of Republicans wandering the streets beating on people as was the case in New York a couple weeks ago.

Then I thought of Charlottesville.

Then Portland.

Then I thought of the Republican who sent all those bombs.

Then I thought of the guy who shot up a synagogue, the guy inspired by the Republican Party’s lies.

Then I thought “that’s a good number of examples of Republican depravity; anyone who thinks Republicans are less dangerous than normal folk would drink their own bathwater.”

Assuming this is a legitimate question, here’s the first link that turned up for me. It’s been reported widely.

The drywall was also damaged. They’re going to have to get a taper in for that. You know how much that’s going to cost?

Seriously, I condemn all acts of political violence, and I hope the person who fired shots at this office is found and held accountable. I do question why the OP singled out this example.

And, yes, I expect more politically motivated violence, primarily but not exclusively from the right.

Melania, if you’re reading this, don’t let him go to Philly. Just a really bad idea. Slip a couple of roofies in his Diet Coke. That Kavanaugh guy probably has some.

This was certainly not the only GOP office vandalized / damaged this election season:

New York




I physically sighed when I read this. I cannot tell any more when people are being serious. Yes, Republicans are impacted by this civic unruliness too! Whee! Except, well, it’s not a contest.

To answer the OP’s question, yes, it does seem quite likely that we will see more violence. As others have pointed out, just the last week or so we have had 14 pipe bombs, the attempted shooting of a black church, a mass shooting at a synagogue, and beatings in New York. I feel certain there are other incidents out there that deserve attention, but there are so many of them and they happen so often these days, that it is hard to keep up. It’s horrific.

The Mayor of Philly totally offered Il Douche a face-saving and diplomatic way out. Because they are worried about the safety of funerals for victims, they would be hard pressed to provide adequate security for a Presidential visit. He would look all responsible, and Presidential, just like the grown-up Presidents!

[John Belushi] But nooooooo! [/JB]

This is the part of the movie where someone pompously says, “Now it’s getting personal.”

Because, like, those other dead people before weren’t really persons.

Elucidator: Pittsburgh is not “Philly”.:wink:
On the other hand, Melania telling him to go to “Philly” just might work on Mr. Short Attention Span Theater.

Why don’t you go to the funeral for those eleven Jews, show the people there pictures of broken windows and spraypainted doors, and tell them how you are suffering with them?

The term “too soon” is thrown about jokingly around here, but it certainly applies here.

In the grindhouse of my mind’s eye, a radiant Trump is chucking burial shrouds into the dumbfounded crowd as loudspeakers blare… “Bad to the Bone”? Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration”? Or— if one of his more ambitious aides suggests something more fitting, to appeal to the Pittsburgh locals— “Philadelphia Freedom”?

There are Faux News viewers in this country that may actually be in this boat. All thay know is that our southern border is about to be assaulted by poor, hungry families.

False flag.

False flag.

False flag.

False flag.

I mean maybe. Certainly could have been. That’s usually good enough for team R.


But then I’m only a random schmo posting on a message board. It’s not like I’m a prominent media figure or anything.