Arizona propositions - Your opinion?

I just got my early voting materials and trying to make a few final voting decisions. I was hoping some of my fellow Arizonions would give their thoughts on the propositions we are to vote on on the election. Not so much how you are going to vote - what I am looking for is what you think the effect of the proposition becoming law would be. So not “prop 503 is bad”, but “prop 503 will cause taxes to go up and the sun to explode”. You are of course free to share how you are going to vote, if you want to.

Please note that this is NOT about the National elections. However, any non Arizonian that wants to join in the discussion is certainly welcome.
Here are a list of the ballot initiatives from Ballotpedia:

Prop 100 - Block the legislature from enacting a real estate transfer tax

Prop 101 - Guarantee that Arizonans can choose their own health care

Prop 102 - Amends the constitution to recognize marriage as only between one man and one woman

Prop 105 - Any initiative that imposes additional taxes or spending, in order to pass, would
require support from a majority of qualified electors (not just those voting)

Prop 200 - Business-sponsored reforms in the payday loan industry

Prop 201 - Establishes a minimum 10-year warranty on new homes, mandatory disclosures of
financial arrangements and pricing and new rights on fixing home defects and returns of deposits

Prop 202 - Increases penalties on cash-based businesses who bypass current laws as well as
employees who engage in identity theft to verify employment eligibility

Prop 300 - Raises legislator salaries from $24,000 to $30,000

I think Prop 105 is just about the worst I’ve ever heard of.

Anyone who doesn’t vote, counts as a ‘No’ vote. So if 49% of the people vote, and ALL of them vote for a measure, it fails. Because it assumes the other 51% of the population who didn’t vote, are actually ‘no’ votes.

Does that make sense? NO no no.

Props 200 and 201 sound dangerous. Attempts to regulate payday loans may drive lenders out of that business. If people do not have access to commercial credit it will drive people who need loans to loan sharks whose payment extraction methods are more extreme than payday lenders.
Mandating home warranties of ten years will make it harder for the young and poor to buy houses, especially in the current credit crunch.

Well, I personally support 100 (although my union doesn’t).

101 I’m iffy on. Not a big fan of national health care, which this proposition would help prevent, but it’s a little more sweeping than I want it to be. Plus, realistically, it doesn’t affect me personally because I don’t have much choice with health care anyway. So I’m just going to wait for more info or reasons to vote on this one.

105 is a bad idea, yeah. Totally in favor of people voting on major taxes, but to specifically say that non-voters equal no?! That’s insane.

I started a thread on Prop 200.

I think I’m voting NO on all of them except 300.

I’ll have to do a little more reading and thinking but I think I’ll vote the same way. I’m sick of the initiative process and really really sick of things like prop 102.