Ark needed in Quad Cities!

Well, all of our lovely 30.8 inches of snow is starting to melt.
I now not only have a home a few blocks from the river, I have to lovely lakes at each end of my alley.
A winter thaw has started around here and everything is melting.
I am seriously betting on a flood which is not uncommon really.
The DJs’ were talking to people today about some of us who BBQ even with all the snow.
And last week when the thaw started quite a few people suffered from leaky roofs.
The media around here started to tell people the yes you might need your roof shoveled, but it is dangerous to get up there if you don’t know what you are doing so leave it to the pros. And heck, it is even dangerous for them.
Yup, my husband is a roofer, and has spent the past week shoveling and salting roofs. One guy had a latter slip out from under him, and my hubby slid 9 feet down a roof.
I love Iowa! (not happy right now, but most of the time I really do)

Anyway, this is what my week was like.

Hey, this is retribution for the good winter we had last year. Remember the week of 70 degree weather in February?

I suppose your right.
Even two years ago it was in the 70’s on my birthday in December.
I had to video tape the bank sign with the date on it so people would believe me.
Were you around for the big floods? At that time I lived in the sticks, and we didn’t bother getting into town because you couldn’t get anywhere once you got here.

The ones back in '93? No, I was in India visiting my grandparents at the time (when I had my Great Malaria Adventure at the age of 11… good fun). There were some floods I think three years ago that I was in town for- we were let out of school early to sandbag downtown Davenport.

Of course, there were those Halloweens when my friends and I would go trick-or-treating in the snow, so it all evens out.

Kricket, I completely understand. I’m northwest of you on I-35, in southern MN, and I’m in the basement panicking about when the snow’s going to start melting. It was pretty bad with all the rain this summer, so I came home for winter break, only to find out that my mom’s taken out the padding under my carpet so that my room doesn’t start mildewing. Nice thought, but this floor is awfully cold.

Good luck to you… and hopefully no declared disaster area that includes your home when the snow starts a-melting!

I feel for you Kricket. We have the same problem in DM. And yes, I lived here for the flood of '93. Two weeks without a shower. Wheee! (but my friend and i got a 55gal. barrel of non-potable water. we might stick but we were going to flush :slight_smile:

What is this “snow” of which you speak?

:: Ducking and running, down here in Houston::

Yes, run far, run fast! That was just plain mean. (you know what? I would have done it in your situation :wink: )

Now we are supposed to get rain! Oh joy!
We will do pretty well since we are on a hill and it doesn’t get to close to us but downtown closes.
Depending on what floods, the creek above us (right by BeagleDave) or the river below us, we will find out who would work during this time.
Hubby works outside the city, and I would by the river. One of us should get a nice vacation helping friends sandbag their business’.

We also get to do fun stuff like call and bitch at the garbage people for not picking up for two weeks. Why you ask? Well, there is a little pile of snow on the front side of the cans. But the whole side is clear, and that would be going too far out the way. I whole two steps you see, and they don’t get paid for that.
Can you tell I just made that call?

We had to do the bathroom thing once also. I lived in a trailer, and in the middle of the nite the heat tape went out and our main froze.
The neighbor let us fill the backs of the potties, and use his shower.
We were also stuck eating out for two days. Can you believe the horror of not having any dirty dishes to wash?! I was devistated!

Well, now we are under a flood watch. And at one point in time one of the weather guys said some where around fifty inches if we get hit just right.
Didn’t someone around here make mention that winter is ending soon since they saw a stinken bird or something?

Hummmmm. Salting the roof. One potato gun,and some salt. I’m getting an idea for a business here.

Having grown up in Bettendorf (Iowa’s most exciting city, according to the old billboard on River Drive) in the 60s/70s, I can sympathize. I remember some pretty good floods in the late 60s; in one of them, most of downtown Davenport was under at least a bit of water.

I also remember some pretty good snowstorms – nothing like 50" on the ground, but we had drifts that high once every 3-4 years. One of our neighbors, a Norwegian bachelor farmer right out of Lake Woebegon, would shovel out his 1/4 mile driveway (and a path from his house to the privy) by hand after each significant snowfall – I guess it never occurred to him to put a plow on his tractor or pickup.

Fortunately, I live in Atlanta now, where snow isn’t much of a concern.