Here comes the thaw, This is what I saw--Here comes the thaw...

We had near-record amounts of snow this January, followed by a good deal more in early and middle February. Since the temperatures were consistently low, very little of it melted. Until recently, when the temps have been higher and there’s been some rain.

By last Thursday enough snow had melted that our daily paper from February 6 appeared somewhere in the middle of a snowdrift.

This morning I discovered the daily paper from January 12.

Christmas trees are also making their appearance–put out for collection shortly before the first foot-plus of snow came down, now poking up through the steadily-melting snow. Happy Epiphany, everyone!

Anyone else seeing the snow retreat? Seeing anything interesting? Pls share!

It has been in the 70’s(F) here for a few days(North Texas)which makes me really happy(Spring is springing)

I’m really, really hoping we get at least one more good snow in before I have to deal with it being spring. Spring means summer is coming. UGH. Spring isn’t so bad in and of itself, but just knowing that it’s going to be summer soon brings the mood down. Plus, you know, the end of winter (which is my favorite season by a long shot).

It was 65 here today, after yet another snow last week. If I’m not mistaken, it has snowed here at least once a week since Christmas. As my old girlfriend used to say, I am so over it.

We had freezing rain today. About three weeks ago I had 2 feet of snow on the roof. I had it shoveled off; which created, impossibly tall, additional mountains of snow close to the house. I am sooooo glad I had a sump pump installed last Spring.

I wish. I spent 2.5 hours shoveling the driveway today because the snow blower died yesterday and the furnace decided not to work today (it’s been restored, so…I shoveled for a furnace guy who doesn’t need to come. sigh. at least there’s heat) and the banks along the driveway are still between waist and shoulder high. I’m short, not quite 5’4" but not **that **short. I wish we were having a thaw too.

Actually, I just wish it’d stop snowing for the year. If I didn’t have to shovel off the roof any more like I did Saturday (and three saturdays ago, and four saturdays ago, and…), and didn’t have to shovel the driveway any more either, I’d be a lot happier, even if the stuff we have already sticks around a while longer.

Well, it probably won’t be getting down to -30f anymore this year, but March is typically our biggest snow month. Average 25.5 inches.

And then there’s April coming in next with 24.7 inches.

The May Average 10.9 inches.

June’s average is only 2 inches, so there is that.

Got a ways to go yet.

Breckenridge Snowfall since 1893

It’s bouncing somewhere between 4 degrees above freezing and 15 below right now which means a lot of thaw, refreeze, thaw, refreeze going on. On the plus side it means winter is coming to an end. The down side is that the annual 6 week backyard mudpit season is approaching. The dogs love it, except for the constant bath part.

If I could just skip straight to mid April I would be a happy girl.

Yup, feels like mud season is rapidly approaching. To be followed by blackfly season, then mosquitoes.

Fortunately, boating season is after those.

Not here (Southern Maine).

Yesterday we got sleet, which formed a crust on the snow. I think it will be July before it all melts.
Picture taken this morning.

Lies, all lies! It’ll be warm here today - they’re forecasting 35ish - but it’s to be followed by colder weather, a chance of a couple of inches of snow Thursdayish, and definitely more snow later in March. Like enipla, March is traditionally our snowiest month, too.

I *think *it’s just around the corner, but I **know **it’s a ways yet.