Arkansas Gov Mike Huckabee Hates Himself But Loves Him Some Cheap Tyson Chicken

Never mind the irony switch.
The OP makes no sense even with the hyperbole switch engaged and the guilt potentiometer at its highest setting.

un-Christian? There’s that separation of Church and state thing.

If the greater portion of his state’s population is Hispanic, or is trending that way, he damned well better welcome them, or he’s going to be looking for a new job. Y’know, what with this democracy thing we have going on in this country and all.

Seriously, can you maybe write out a paragraph or two explaining exactly hwat you’re on about? Without using irony, or hyperbole, or whatever else the hell you think you’re doing in the OP? Because I got no fucking clue why you’ve got a bug up your ass about this guy.

[Jeff Foxworthy]
If you’re the cause of all our country’s troubles…

… You might be a southern white guy.
[/Jeff Foxworthy]

Maybe **Hyperelastic ** is hungry. On the Huckabee Diet.

Yeah? Well you can take your apology and shove it right up your white Goo-Goo Cluster eating…

Oh, wait… I’m a southern white guy too.

Well that doesn’t matter… I STILL WANT MY REPARATIONS!

You mean his name really is Huckabee? Hell, I thought that was something made up to make fun of him! Boy, them Arkansas ridge-running hillbillies, huh? Not sensible folks, like Texans.

Smile when you say that, Pardner! :slight_smile:

Based on this post I am back to my theory that the OP is a raving white supremist loony. I hope he proves me wrong.

I vote that the mods summarily change Hyperelastic’s name to Hyperventilate. Who’s with me?

The flow of Hispanics to Arkansas is happening because Tyson Foods and other comapnies want cheap, docile labor, so they bought the Arkansas state government to ensure a steady supply of illegal aliens. For the Gov’s scenario to pan out, about two million Hispanics would have to migrate to Arkansas, which would just about double the population. Can you see some potential problems this might engender? Step back a moment and look at what’s happening. A few big companies want higher profits, so they’re using their influence with the Governor to make a wholesale demographic change to the population of an entire state.

Speaking of democracy, how many of the people who voted for Huckabee do you think would agree that whites becoming a minority in Arkansas is a laughing matter? You can tell the man isn’t running for reelection. It’s interesting how the average citizen only gets to vote on Election Day, whereas Tyson Foods gets to vote whenever it wants, by writing fat checks.

My wife’s half black and half Asian. Does that change your mind?

In the post you linked to, I merely stated that I believe the term “white trash” to be hateful. If you think that makes me a “raving white supremist loony,” then God help you.

The top half is Asian. (It was a really horrible accident and finding a lower half-donor was hard, but you can barely see the stitches.)

Thank you for a clear response, Hyperelastic. If you don’t mind a little advice, next time start with that. Your OP was certainly humorous, but not in the way I believe you intended.

OK so I was wrong. But still you are worried about mexican immigration in Arkansas? 3.2 percent of the population is Latino. I think your worries are premature. Besides what do you have against immigrants? Did you forget we are all immigrants. Now if you want to rant about undue corporate influence of Tyson, I am with you but not for the reasons that seem to concern you.

About the racist thing I consider in one thread you are upset about the term white trash, and in this thread you are upset about Latino immigrants. If you say I am wrong then so be it, but you would not be the first racist to make false claims about the ethnicity of his friends or family to appear more tolerant.


Do you have a little more info on Tyson’s sins in this area? I was under the impression that the allegations were unsubstantiated, the company was cleared of any wrongdoing, and that the company simply hired a lot of hispanic Americans, a minority of whom may have misrepresented their legal status.

The OP seems almost cut-and-pasted from (link disabled to avoid SDMB showing up in their nasty referrer logs and attracting scumbags.)

Not saying that HE is a raving white supremacist loonie, of course. Just that he sounds almost exactly like one.

I have immigrant ancestors myself. It all comes down to the numbers. A hundred thousand poor, unskilled immigrants a year to the U.S.? Probably not a big deal. A million? Now the problems start. Two million to one small state (this is what would be required to make whites a minority)? Disastrous. Only someone who thinks whites ought to be subjugated (and such people of course exist) would welcome something like that. That’s why I characterized Huckabee as self-hating. I’m sure most of the Hispanic immigrants are fine people, but it is just not going to work. Besides that, the people don’t want it. Who are Huckabee and Tyson to decide for everyone else that the ethnic mix of Arkansas needs radical change?

I hope you’re not calling me a liar. If I’ve ever said anything that is actually racist, i.e. a pejorative characterization of a person because of his race, then let it be brought forth.

Also, if you look at the OP, my ire is not directed at the immigrants (they’re doing what any Latin American peasant in his right mind would do - getting the hell out of there), but rather toward Huckabee and his enablers.

It’s not from whiterevolution, for cripes sake. Get a hold of yourself. I gave the link, and it’s from a completely reputable, nonpartisan so far as I can tell, mainstream media site.

The thing is if I look at your OP, I just get confused.

The parts I made bold are the things that make me suspect some racist agenda.

Huckabee isn’t the only guy to embarass the state.

As I recall, the Tyson thing involved managers of some poultry plants employing guys without green cards, not the company.

I don’t doubt that the lunch took place or that the speakers are quoted accurately. It’s just that the editorial content in your OP more closely resembles the WR article than the ANB article. What’s up with that?