Armless lady shows her special life in youtube videos.

She was born without arms. Her ways of adapting and living alone are amazing.

She’s posted videos demonstrating how she dresses, bathes, and eats. She even applies makeup with her feet.

For me, the most amazing thing is seeing her button her pants with a stick & a brass hook. Human ingenuity is just fascinating.

I hope she does a new video showing how she cooks and prepares food.

This article has all three videos at the bottom.

You should watch the movie Freaks.

I first I was going to comment that I knew her kinda sorta when I was a kid, but she’s not the right age.

The girl I knew went to the same swimming pool that I did. Seeing her get out of the pool was mighty impressive.

Very impressive indeed. But how can we know she’s for real? :wink:

You think this might be an excuse for a fetish video?

And what if a woman with no arms wanted to do fetish videos?

<shrug> I saw a lady coping extremely well with a disability. There was no sexual vibe in her videos that I noticed.


I think they’re just having a little fun. Obviously not sexual. Loved it - thanks for sending it on. I sent it to my whole family, who was also enthralled by her. Bonnie Consolo was another woman without arms who was amazing in her ability to use her feet instead. (I understand she passed away). I recall seeing a film about her in elementary school, showing her at the grocery store, checking fruit with her feet (which of course were as clean as anyone’s hands), writing a check with her foot, and, I think, cooking at home. So impressive and so amazing. Helps one to remember not too whine too much about whatever.

Very impressive, and not sexual at all.

Not to one-up the OP, but it did make me think of Craig Dietz, who lives life with no arms or legs. It’s really something to look at Tisha and Craig and realize just how adaptable the human mind and body can be. It’s hard to call folks like them disabled, except in the sense that the manmade world around them is primarily constructed for people with those limbs.

It was pretty amazing to watch. I glanced at her twitter and read something slightly depressing (maybe). She says she’s getting less flexible as she gets older-never stopped to think about that but these tricks she has won’t work forever.

I’d love to see the look on the face of a toll-booth operator.