'Army Men: Air Attack II' psx game question

I blew through the first 21 levels but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to beat the Tan Baron at the final level. For that matter, I can’t even get his hit points below 50 before missiles appear out of nowhere and make me go boom.
I’ve tried a bunch of the “cheat” sites but can’t find any tips anywhere. HELP!!

gamefaqs.com should have any answers for any game any system. I love them.

I did it. It can be done with out cheating, if you’ve got time to spare - it only took me about 30 hours of playing.

There really isn’t a secret to it, other than to KEEP MOVING. Remember, those little air strike things become more and more common as he gets weaker and weaker. IIRC, they always appear in front of you, so periodically reverse.

<b>Handy</b>, thanks for the link. Neat site, although it didn’t get me any closer to beating the Tan Baron.

<b>Bashere</b>, you’ve given me hope. Late last night I got the Baron down to about 30 points when a damned air strike popped up out of nowhere and blew me apart.
My strategy has been to knock down as many points as possible with my first 'copter, then play hide and seek when it gets blown up and I’m in my second bird. I had a buttload of lasers, 100% armor, and the Baron down to 33 I think when that freaking air strike hit me out of nowhere.

(note to self: don’t get too consumed with finishing video games during finals week. Dumbass).

Your problem is that you’re using the wrong chopper. Using the Apache is a really rough way to go. Instead switch to the Osprey, fire away with the special weapon (the one that makes a nice ‘thooonk’ sound when it’s launched). Doesn’t take too many hits with that to kill the baron.