Army of Darkness

First time watcher here. Was going to change when I saw it was a Dino film. Damn this is a funny movie. Is it 'sposed to be?

Finely got the Sig line " Shop Smart, shop S- Mart"
Anybody know what type of chain saw is on Ash’s right hand?
Funny Movie.

Yes, this one is supposed to be campy-funny. It’s a great movie.

“First you wanna kill me, now you wanna kiss me…screw.”

I believe Ash’s chainsaw is a Homelite XL.

When PSiekier sees this, he can tell you anything you want to know about it.

We’ve watched it for dopefest entertainment once. It’s a very funny movie.


Eh? Every version I’ve seen had the line as “First you wanna kill me, then you wanna kiss me…blow.”

Holy crap, have y’all seen how much the Army of Darkness limited edition DVD is going for? Amazon’s auctions list a new copy at $259 and used at $199. That is some crazy fan-demand there.

Dang, I shoulda bought every one of 'em when I found some at Best Buy. There were two or three on the shelf, as I recall. Ah well, hindsight is 20/20.

The cost of the Limited edition DVD is because there are only 4000 of them.

If you liked Army of Darkness you’ll have to check out Evil Dead II . Its the prequil to Army of Darkness. And its damned funny too!!:smiley:

I guess I’m lucky. I own a special edition DVD of Evil Dead II, and the “Official Bootleg Edition Director’s Cut” of Army of Darkness DVD. My brother got them for me for Christmas.

“Maybe, just maybe, my boys can stop 'em from getting the book. Yeah. And maybe I’m a Chinese jet pilot.”

30,000, actually. Still, there are way more fans than that, so it’s in high demand, especially with the recent “Book of the Dead” release of the original Evil Dead. I somehow my buddy’s limited edition of Halloween 4 is similarly gonna rocket in price, even though it was a restricted run. heh.

I like how the funny/horror ratio increased with each Evil Dead film.

Evil Dead = 0/100
Evil Dead 2 = 40/60
Evil Dead 3 (AOD) = 95/5
After I saw the 1st Evil Dead flick, before ED 2 came out, I would have NEVER thought it would have had such funny sequels. Pure horror-gore-fest.

I never saw Evil Dead II. Still haven’t, actually. So I was pleasantly surpried by Army of Darkness. Hilarious movie, absolutely hilarious.

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Eh. Gunslinger introduced me to this trilogy, and he likes AoD best, but myself? I prefer ED2.

Ha! I have both of those plus the “Book of the Dead” release. I, too, am kicking myself that I didn’t buy the Army of Darkness Limited Edition when it came out, but having been freshly laid off, cahs for DVDs was not an option.

:checks DVD collection:

Woohoo! The version of AoD that I have happens to be the Limited Edition.

I have a question about one scene: on the DVD, there is a scene between Arthur and Ash where Ash sucker-punches Arthur (does the old “your shoelaces are untied” gag). On the DVD, this was in raw format (as a “deleted scene”), so you could still hear the ambient surrounding noises (airplanes going overhead, traffic, etc.). However, I have seen this scene restored once when I saw AoD on the Sci-Fi channel (along with all the other “extra” scenes which are restored on the Director’s Cut, as well). Anyone know why this particular scene didn’t make it into the Director’s Cut, but did somehow make it into the Sci-Fi cut?

Trivia: the S-Mart clerk that Ash tells his story to in AOD was played by Ted Raimi, brother of Sam Raimi, the director. Ted will also show up in Spider-Man, his seventh appearance in one of Sam’s movies.

Ted also played the communications officer on SeaQuest DSV.

Alternate titles for AOD were The Medieval Dead and Captain Supermarket (?! - must be the Japanese version)

More trivia: Bruce Campbell (Ash) also has a cameo in the new Spiderman and the sequel.

<really minor spoilers>

As the referee in the Spider-Man pro-wrestling match (before he was a hero).