Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash

This just in: Bruce Campbell’s character Ash from Evil Dead films to return in a new movie to fight Jason and Freddy Kruger . Sam Raimi will not be directing.

I have mixed feeling about this. I love ED 2 and AoD, but I think a lot of the campy fun will be lost without Raimi on board. I also question how Campbell, now 46, will be able to pull off the very physical, over the top antics of this character.

I expect that he won’t. They’ll find body doubles or create some computer magic to make up for his no longer 29 year old self. Yet, something about using stuntmen/ CG seems so wrong with Ash’s character. A lot of the fun of the Evil Dead films was seeing Ash/ Bruce physically punishing himself through these scenes. Sort of a blue collar Jackie Chan.

I didn’t see Freddy VS Jason, though I heard it was about as stupid as you would expect. And I honestly expect nothing more from this film.

I just wish Sam Raimi was involved somehow to give the film a little more credibility, but I guess he’s a big-time director now and doesn’t have to worry about these silly niche films. :frowning:

Oh no.

…vs Alien vs Predator vs Robocop vs Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla vs Gamera vs Batman vs Superman vs…

Oh, crap! :eek:

He’s not prepared, is he?

Heh…looking for this? :slight_smile: (last pic on the page)

Freddy vs Jason was a hoot. This one could be too, but just this past weekend we were talking about which “vs” movie we’d like to see and I decided on Ash vs Pinhead. Pinhead’s whole basis for scariness is mostly psychological and let’s face it, psychological/intellectual tactics would be lost entirely on Ash. I’d like to see Pinhead react to that while ducking a chainsaw. :smiley:

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash. I’m there opening day, preferably at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, which serves beer.

I supremely doubt Bruce Campbell would reprise the Ash character without Sam Raimi.


Holy crap. I thought Baby Geniuses 2 was horrible and the clear successor to Gigli’s title but this idea sounds worse than Gigli[sup]3[/sup]

Joanie Loves Chachi Loves Ash has possibilities, though…

People are so picky with movies…I loved Freddy Vs Jason. I’d like to see Freddy Vs Jason VS Chucky.

Heh. Just goes to show that someone’s always beaten you to the joke. :slight_smile:

I’d rather see a TOHO production of Godzilla vs Ultraman.

Or maybe Lethal Weapon vs Die Hard with a fight between Martin Riggs and John McClane.

I hear there’s a Batman vs Superman in the works.

How is it people suspect that there’s a chance in HELL that Bruce Campbell would even consider being up for something like this? Read his interviews, website, book…the guy pretty much detests what Ash has done for him (type cast him as a thick headed, one line spewing tough guy), and would probably rather eat glass than ever play the role in another movie.

If they did go ahead with this (which would be a really stupid idea), they’d have to get a different actor.

But let’s think…bad idea that it is, how would they go about it? Either Freddy and Jason are still pissed at one another and Freddy manages to get enough juice to confront his nemesis again, setting the battle field in a small town that leads to a group of unsuspecting victims held up in an S-Mart for security purposes…

Or, upon arriving in Hell once again, Kandarian deamons convince the two of them to go out and slay their most hated foe, Ash, in return for the ability to be free from Hell. Once free, the squabbling and bickering begin, the truce breaks, and Ash is left to save his own ass in comical ways.

Neither of which sounds very good, but at least there’s something.

I’d love to see Ash come back, in ANYTHING. They can make The Passion of the Ashley, they can make Ashes with Wolves, they can make Ash and Silent Bob Strike Back, they can make The Ashfather, they can make Pearl Ashor, they can make From Justin to Kelly with Ash Kicking Their Asses

I don’t care. Ash! Ash! A-A-A-A-ASH!!!

This has been rumored for a long time, so let’s see if it actually happens.

Again, read the quote from Bruce posted above.

I’m not saying that they should do this, but if they did, I bet Nicholas Brendon could pull it off.

I used to tell anyone who would listen that Buffy always needed Xander’s “Uncle Ash” to show up one day and help with the slayage. It would have been perfect.

I already did. I don’t think it’s going to happen, I was just adding that it’s been rumored forever already so I don’t think this ‘news’ is very newsworthy.