Army of the Dead questions (SPOILERS)

  1. Right before they broke into the safe, they counted $200k in cold cash. Was this stolen from the casino?

  2. When the blonde Coyote took them into Las Vegas, why didn’t they close the container doors behind them to prevent the zombies from getting out? And, even if there was a barrier further back, what was to prevent zombies from hiding in the containers and sneak attacking them when they came back?

  3. The company guy that took the zombie head revealed it was worth more than the $200 million in the safe, and that was the real reason they were there. Why did he jackoff and wait until the safe was broken into to attempt to take it to the top of the casino, shoot Zig Nataro and helicopter out of there? Why didn’t he just do it right away? And why did the Queen Zombie and her escort attack him and Blonde Coyote anyway since they has some sort of deal?

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