"Army Strong"

The new Army recruiting campaign.


I like it.

Cool. It’s a far, far cry better than that lame “Army of One” campaign. What’s that supposed to mean, anyway, "Army of One?

Reminds me of that old Marvel Comics recruiting slogan, “Hulk Smash.”

Anything is better than ‘Army of One.’ Also, nothing could be much help in the current recruiting environment.

‘Be All You Can Be’ was simply great.

The local fire department is using “Fire Bad” for their recruiting slogan. They’re pretty pissed at the Army stealing their advertising meme. I hope they have a battle royale in the street, where they can throw cars and use various big-guy superpowers on each other. I’ll bring the popcorn.

If they do it in Speedos, I’d pay for admission…

Personally I don’t like it, but I have not figured out why yet. But anything is better than the “Army of One” campaign which all soldiers seemed to hate and other services used to make fun of the Army.

I wish the services could find a slogan to use that is actually made to suit their service, to show how they really feel about their service in general, not used just as a recruiting tool.

An enlisted friend of mine tells me that it was actually spposed to be some sort of acronym: Officers, Non-Comms, and Enlisted.

Which, I suspect, will not improve your opinion of it. Certainly didn’t mine.

I figured out why “Army Strong” rubs me the wrong way. It does not stand well on its own. It’s because they’re simply identifying a quality of the organization - the army’s strength - without giving a baseline to compare this quality to. That in and of itself isn’t so bad, except that strength isn’t something the Army is already famous for. It’s too damn ambiguous. What if I said “Grandma’s Health” or “Bank Ethics” - does this inspire confidence? They merely identify qualities which we hope are good, but can easily be demonstrated to be poor. It’s an advertising slogan. It shouldn’t require 3 to 6 sentences explaining why it’s relevant. “Be all you can be” did so well because it could be understood without supporting documentation.

That, and the dreary Og-like grammar in “Army Strong” does little to dispel jokes about “Military Intelligence”.

No, it wasn’t that clever. Besides, that wouldn’t even really make sense. “It’s an army made up of officers, noncommissioned officers, and enlisted ranks.” Oh, wow, can I join? Me first, me first!

Here’s a better explanation.

Posted on another forum :

Yeah, the Army has been encumbered by lack of creativity in their recruiting slogans in the current all-volunteer age. Heck, it started with “Today’s Army wants to join You” in '73. Not auspicious, really. “Be all that you can be” was the apex: it conveys a drive to perform as well as can carry the subtext that as part of the team you can achieve even more than alone.; while “Army of One” left me scratching my head. I don’t want an Army of one, I want a large team that’s got each other’s back. “Army Strong”? Meh. It’s supposed to be strong.

I suppose they could not just use “Far butchier than the Air Force, but way less psycho than the Marines” :smiley:

I dig it. Can we add (no offense to those in the Army):

“Army-no formal education needed.”
“Army-where age doesn’t matter”

I’d make a joke here, but I’m already recovering from a 5-at-a-time Russian Reversal simulpost in the Weird Al thread.

I’ll bring the beer.

Der Trihs,


Army Strong! No Need Verbs! Grammar Bad Terrorist Plot!

Errr… no. Towards the end they did make some subtle assertion like “There is nothing on this green earth stronger than an Army soldier.” So the baseline of comparison is Army vs. everything.

I reckon this would tend to rub Marines a little raw, but the shit flies both ways in that little dispute.

“Army Strong” reminds me of the phrase we used to hear, “there’s the right way, the wrong way, and the Army way.”

I didn’t have to be in the Army very long to realize the truth of it. The Army can jump way past right and wrong and go flying headlong into “makes no sense whatsoever.”

Nothing they’ve come up with yet seems quite so insulting as the Marine commercials. “You’re a medieval knight! Come fight dragons!”

No, it does not really rub Marines wrong in any way. The American army is considered the strongest army in the world. They are a big (amount of troops) force, unlimited budget, and overall compared to other armies, pretty well trained.

The Marine Corps considers itself a specialty, an elite force.