Army's History of Iraq After Hussein Faults Pentagon

Interesting new report by the Military. It does give me some renewed faith in the US Military that we can be self critical about our failures with an eye toward improving in the future.

Broadly speaking even the military, as tightly structured as it is compared to civilian institutions, is not a monolith. I’d take with a grain of salt any analysis from a currently serving field officer or spokesperson for such, simply because the nature of their position requires a certain amount of politicking. Not saying they are automatically lieing of course - just that being fully candid is not their job, nor even always necessarily appropriate in an absolute sense.

However military analysts/historians removed from that milieu ( especially temporally ) have a lot less to gain by whitewashing mistakes. It still happens, but a lot of officers trained as historians realize just how self-defeating that can be. You gotta learn from your fuck-ups - the days when superior elan alone would carry an army to victory are long past ( if they ever existed at all ).