Arnold, about that changing email address process.

“Q: How do I change my email address?
A: Click on “User CP” in the upper right hand corner of any SDMB page, then “Edit Profile.” Type in your new email address TWICE: once to change, once again to confirm. Make any other profile changes you like and hit the “Submit Modifications” button. Arnold Winkelried”

Yes, that works but maybe you might want to add that you get a new confirmation email at your new email address that you have to reply to in order to activate your account?

I just went through this lately. I was still getting a lot viruses, PIFs & BAT files every day. So, just in case it was from the board, I got a free (2 meg) Email account at
They say “All email currently double-scanned for more than 60,300 viruses by by McAfee and F-Protect antivirus” (ActivatorMail™ - Antivirus AntiSpam AntiPorn Email).

This seems to be a nice solution so far for those looking for spam & ad free email. Thanks to Tubu for letting me know that I have to respond to the SD email that goes to the new email address to activate my account with it.

I can see one potential problem with this solution. Many free e-mail services will deactivate your account if it isn’t accessed regularly. Keep in mind that the address in your profile must be a valid e-mail address so we can contact you. If the staff tries to e-mail you and the message bounces, you could lose your posting privileges until the situation is straightened out.

handy - Good suggestion. I added that to the FAQ.