email used to register on SDMB

I am planning to discontinue a particular email address. Unfortunately it is the email address with which I registered.
Do I need to make any changes here on SDMB?


We ask that everybody maintain an active email address, so please go to the heading marked User CP and update your email address.

ETA: User CP is just above the Reply to Post button.

Yes, you must keep a valid email address in your profile; that’s one of our rules.

It does not have to be visible to other people unless you wish it to be so but you should have a valid email address in your profile so we can contact you off the board if necessary.

You can change your email address through the User CP. Be sure to look for the confirmation email you should receive from the system if you change your email address or your password. Check your spam filter too; more often than not these days that’s where it ends up.