Arrogant ignorance

Pausing on talk radio last night I overheard
that master of arrogant hate, Msavage, talk
about Homohigh, in reference to the new
school in NY. This is precisely why a school
like that might be needed. When a grown,
supposedly intellegent man, refers to a high
school as Homohigh it shows the hate and
bigotry for homosexuals. I’m not gay and neither
is Savage but I have known gay people and
heard the horror story of jr high and high school
some went through. Even when not singled out
for ridicule they hear the comments of “damn faggots”
and “homo” and “queer perverts”. You get the idea.
It’s not bad enough to try and learn your identity and
go through puberty but then you discover what you
feel and are is thought of as sick. As long as their are
hate filled azzholes like Savage populating this world,
we need safe places for kids that are gay. I’m a school
teacher and I blame schools that turn their head
to the cruelty kids inflict on other kids. Teachers need
to be more vigilant about the children in their care.
Besides my other forum (gainesvillesun) is down and I needed
a place to vent.:cool:

When I looked at first, I thought that was supposed to be a poem.

Me too.

As for that, I’ve seen worse poetry.

Well, there are people who actually think that calling it that makes a valid, albeit humorous, point (cf.: “Adam and Steve.”) Then there are those that only call it that because they are paid to be “funny.” And those people are even worse.

Which one is he?

Either way, welcome aboard stephenpe.

You’re certainly right that Savage specializes in being disrespectful of the people he disagrees with. But I find that people like that are either A) hypocrites just drumming up interest in their shows or B) disrespectful because they know their positions can’t stand up to real scrutiny.