i am in anger at my fortress of geek being violated.

this has no real point, except that i am very mad at file planet, because it keeps closing my download at the 90% mark. this wouldn’t be more than a minor frustration, except for the fact that the file is 100 megs, and that’s 6 hours of downloading on my poor little 56k.

so, without further ado, my anger unleashed:



::huff:: ::puff:: ::huff:: ::puff:: ::huff:: ::puff::

ok, i’m better now.
time for attempt 7 on yet another F.P. mirror… lucky number seven…

i will have you back, counterstrike!

What is this FilePlanet?

[Fortress of Geek. Heh]

I never use fileplanet. Its way too slow. Though I suppose it doesen’t matter with a 56k modem:)

It might just be easier to get download accelerator so you can restart your download where you left off.

FilePlanet is a free fileserver run by Gamespy to carry demos and patches et al.

i’m trying to download counterstrike, which involves pretty much dedicating my modem for six hours. a heady and involved process, to say the least (limited SDMB! NOOOOOOO!).

it is free i suppose, but it’s also the only real general duty high capacity game fileserver there is. it’s also held to a higher standard, simply because it’s pretty much the only place to download a game-related file. well, it or one of it’s mirrors/ subservers.

[sub]“fortress of geekitude” would’ve been better…

hmm? sterra, whazzat? what’s this “download accellerator”? it sounds like a holy artifact of those cursed to use the crap-ass fileplanet with a 56k…

There are alot of things that let you save your downloads actually. Try Even the personal servers that don’t have a wait time on fileplanet arent better than whatever else you can find to download.

thank ye kindly, madam. may ye be blessed.

(i’m happy, so i’ve lapsed into Ye Olde English!)

GetRight ( is one of my routine shordurpersavs. It will generally allow you to re-establish a connection and resume downloading big files from the point where it was lost, rather than starting from scratch–if the server supports it, which most do. I dunno if FilePlanet does these days or not.

I don’t think fileplanet would, but it doesn’t matter; i got it downloaded last night by leaving my connection open all night. i lucked out… my computer crashed right after it finished downloading. i’m going to set it up now and try it out later.