Art Games

i.e., electronic games where the creator is trying to reveal something about life to us. What are some that you’ve played and what did you learn? Just like with art films and art comics, sci-fi and fantasy games are disqualified, which of course leaves a short list. Mine:

The Sims: The contentment that comes from consumerism. Get more money, buy more things, make your Sims happy.

Civilization (IV, to be specific): Just exactly what goes into making a great civilization - the best are as adept at diplomacy as they are at war

Animal Crossing (Wild World): This one hit me as an epiphany while playing. Relationships take work. You have to keep in contact with people constantly, exchange gifts, keep dates, do favors, and just talk to them, just to keep yourself on their radar. Don’t and they’ll pack up and move on. Many people know this already, but the geeks who’d be playing that game could use that advice.