Art History Majors, please answer a call of duty

I’m looking for a painting I saw a year ago.

It’s called something like, ‘A market in Rajasthan’ or ‘Rajasthan market’.

I’m pretty sure it’d be classified as Impressionist (though I could be wrong)

The artist might be Monet (but I would bet my life on it)

It’s predominantly yellow with lots of orange and it’s a scene of an open market flooded with sunlight.

Please help me find the name of it, and a website where I can get a poster of it would not go amiss (I can’t afford a print).

Try searching at They have millions.

Hmm. Not the one at is it?
I can’t think of any well-known French impressionist who traveled out that far.

Could you elaborate a little more about this? It’s not ringing any bells, but I feel like if I had more information it might trigger something.

Where did you see it – the original at a museum (if so, which one), or a copy in a magazine or what? Was it mostly a closer up view with people, or more of a long view of primarily the market?

I could elaborate, but not without possibly seeding some false memories which won’t help.

You’re able to make out an open square crowded with cows, wagons, people and market stuff. I can’t be any more specific without guessing. It’s the bright yellow in the middle of the picture that will strike you, that I clearly remember and that’s why I want to find it again.

I want to send a thank you out to anyone whos helping.

Where did you see it?