Hey people,
I’m an artist in a lost place. I was just wondering if you wanted to see some of my work and maybe if you had some idea of what I could do with it and myself. Thank ya much.
Take care. Be well. And God Bless**

Hi Art,

Its lookin good.


Do you have a link?

I went to her www link and there’s nothing there, yet.

Very minimalist. Keep it up.

Hey you guys. Thank you for responding. You are each having an e-mail sent to you with some of my work.

My page is down currently. Sorry about that. It should be up and running in a week or so.

Take care. Be well. God Bless**

I wanna see!!! I wanna see!!!

I went to your site before but had no luck.

Also, coming is spelled with one N. If you were trying to be dirty it’s spelled with a U. :slight_smile:

Sorry, man. This isn’t what the Straight Dope Message Board is for.