Artists you wish would have been one hit wonders.

Sometimes I hear a song on the radio for the 100th time and wish the artist would just go away and live out a peaceful life selling insurance. I just want these bands or artists to stop making music.

And the nominees are:

Marilyn Manson
Good Charlotte
And believe it or not Aerosmith should have stopped making music about 15 years ago.

If I could hate someone’s music more than Randy Newman’s, I’d go on a spree. The bad kind.

All of the boy bands, especially starting with NKOTB

Nsync stopped making music.
NKOTB was for practical matters a one hit wonder.

When did they ever start? :smiley:

Britney Spears

Janet Jackson and John Cougar Mellencamp or whatever he’s calling himself these days. I thought Janet Jackson got 1 hit because she was Michael’s sister. I haven’t accounted for the rest of them. :confused:


Avril “I’m a skater punk who writes guitar driven rock” Lavigne.

  1. You are pop posing as punk (badly)
  2. Your producer employs more writers than Saturday Night Live
  3. Way too much posturing and attitude proping up lyrics like:

I never spend less than an hour
Washin’ my hair in the shower
It always takes five hours to make it straight

I can’t believe Britney Spears is still famous.

Brittney Spears
Justin Timberlake
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Alyssa Milano

jennifer lopez. id say she could go back to acting but she sucks arse at that as well.
any and all of the spice girls. youve had more than your fair share of fame, and none of you are skint. nobody cares now. do not record again. stop being in the papers. attention seeking of the very worst kind.
the reason i dont watch MTV or listen to popular radio anymmore.

  1. N*SYNC hasn’t broken up, they’re on hiatus.

  2. NKOTB had 9 top Ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100 including 3 #1’s. they had 2 albums at the top of the Billboard album Chart.

So, your "practical assertion is quite wrong.

I was so sure that Sugar Ray was going to be a one hit wonder.

How I wish I had been right.

David Grey and Blues Traveler.

Neither one has anything worth listening to, not even a “One Hit” to make them wonders, but the damn radio plays several shitty pieces by these two acts constantly.

Enough already! There is so much good music out there to fill the airwaves with, we don’t need this!

How is Rap like Porn? Both are better with the sound turned off.

My top nominees have already been mentioned:

[li] Michael Jackson- should have ended his career at Thriller. If the baby-dangling incident doesn’t kill him off, I don’t know what will.[/li][li] Madonna- “Borderline” was enough, thank you.[/li][li] N’Strynct Boys- 'nuff said![/li][/ul]

Others not yet listed:

[li] Eminem- can’t stand him.[/li][li] Dave Matthews Band- Annoying[/li][li] Nine Inch Nails- Not my style of music.[/li][li] Sublime- Again, not my style of music.[/li][li] AC/DC- I’d rather listen to a dog getting neutered without anesthesia.[/li][li] Puff Daddy or W(hatever) TF he’s calling himself this week.[/li][li] Prince or whatever un-pronounce-able, non-ASCII symbol he goes by now.[/li][/ul]

Hmmm… It seems to me most posters are just listing bands they hate. Doesn’t wishing someone was a one-hit wonder imply that they should have had one, but only one, hit. In other words, they have one song that you do like.

In that spirit… I nominate Alanis Morissette. You Oughta Know was an awesome song, but I didn’t like anything else from that album, and by the time I’d heard Ironic for about the thousandth time, I was wishing she had been a one-hit wonder.

Runner-up: Smashmouth. Walking on the Sun - great song. Every other hit - sound alike crud.

Good point ChockFullOfHeadyGoodness.

My votes are for Limp Bizkit… my how I liked the bastardized version of George Michaels “faith” for about 10 minutes.
Korn: I think “wicked” was their best song… funny.
Creed: … the beast is dead and my soul I have plain reasons for my intentions… yadda yadda yadda.
Third Eye Blind: “semi charmed kind of life”
Powerman 5000: “When worlds collide”
House of Pain and all the derivatives: “Jump around”
I don’t know about you guys but I hate all the other songs by Dispatch other than “The general”
Same for Oar and “Crazy game of Poker”
311: “Down”
Bjork: “enjoy” … and many, many more. Those are the ones that come readily to mind.

Huey Lewis and thr News. I know they’re old but they still bug me since I listen to an '80s station.

I live in an alternate pop universe where Whitney, Mariah, Celine and all of the other crappy one name divas are struggling singers and the airways are rulled by Annie Lennox, PJ Harvey, Eva Cassidy, Liz Phair , and Kate Bush

I live in an alternate pop universe where Whitney, Mariah, Celine and all of the other crappy one name divas are struggling singers and the airways are rulled by Annie Lennox, PJ Harvey, Eva Cassidy, Liz Phair , and Kate Bush