Aryan Nation Wants to Move to Grant County, Oregon

And I’m not sure who to pit!

First pitting option: this asshole Mullet wants to move his white-only movement into my own state: see here.

Second pitting option: the county Mullet wants to move to actually has passed a law stating that “Grant County shall be United Nations-free.” Hmmm, maybe they’re made for each other.

How about this?

Mullet, take your fucking white supremacist bullshit out of fucking Oregon and take those fucking fuckheads in Grant County with you!

…I hear California is nice.


No, we’d rather not have them. How about we send them to Nevada instead?

How about we bundle 'em all up and send them to the Pacific garbage patch. Its growing, so they will have more space in a few yrs than they have now. Plus, given that they spew garbage every time they open their mouths, it will grow faster!

I hear the Kerguelen Islands are nice this time of year.

Of course, they’ll have to share their new home with Chimera’s Home for the Terminally Stupid once I become Emperor of the World.

“Aryan Mullet.” Has there ever been a more appropriate last name for a white supremacist?

Oregon has been a dumping ground of loonybins for many a long year (along with Idaho). I don’t really understand why – the coastal regions are lovely, but you head east and it starts to get ugly.

It’ll be interesting to see how the town handles this. On the one hand, I sure as hell wouldn’t want those guys anywhere near me. On the other hand, telling any American citizen, or even anyone with the means, that they can’t buy property doesn’t sit right with me.

Or Kilauea if they want to stay on American soil.

Utah or Arizona would be better, as they would fit right in with the voting preferences there.

“These are a fiercely proud people, born with sawdust in their hair (the sawdust that wasn’t needed to fill their heads) and the Western spirit in their veins (which does little to oxygenate the sawdust).” :frowning:

CMC fnord!

Why would they want to go to California’s Canada?

Urge to kill rising…

Mississippi sure as hell doesn’t want them. Try elsewhere. Like a deserted island. No tools, no toys, just a Professor that can make lots of things from coconuts but can’t fix a bleeding radio.

I believe there were quite a few large caves created by underground nuclear tests in Nevada. I can’t think of a better home for these mutants. They’ll become even more CHUDD-like than they are now.

Wait, you want us to take your nuclear waste AND your societal rejects? No thanks.

Are these the guys pushing repatriation? Can we send 'em back to Europe?

Hey, it’s no extra burden. Just store 'em together. Sure, the nuclear waste will get contaminated but so what?

No! Not beautiful Kerguelen! It’s pristine and should remain free of such garbage!

Thank God, now I finally know where to run to when the UN black helicopters of ZOG come to put us into FEMA concentration camps. Grant County’s made 'em illegal!

Sorry Oregon, you were in the bathroom when we voted. Idaho is done, Montana somehow just growled and was passed over, Washington threatened to sic Ballmer on us, California has enough issues, Nevada is stuck with Yucca Mountain and Wyoming is the home of Dick Cheney.

Your turn.

Well, I will ask zem, but I don’t theenk zey’ll be very keen. Zey’ve already got some.

Don’t send them back to Idaho , it took way to long to get them out the first time. I think we should send them to the part of Utah with the polygamists. Then fence the whole damn section off to contain the contamination

Montana had the Unabomber. Oregon had Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, but he left 25 years ago, so I guess they’ve cycled back to the top of the list.