As an adult, have you ever crapped your pants?

I only have in the “I think this is a fart, oh, whoops” kind of way. In high school, I had a friend who was bragging about how awesome his farts while a group of 7 guys were in a van for a school trip. All of a sudden he got real quiet and then we all noticed this horrible stench.

Needless to say, he pooped his pants while trying to amaze us with a loud fart. Now he had to figure out how he was going to play this one off. He basically could make no excuses: we had to pull over so that he could change into some new jeans, and when he got out we could all tell that he shit his pants! Ha ha! He wanted to save his soiled jeans, but we made him throw them out the window since they stunk so bad.

In the movies when people get real scared, they crap their pants then, too. Any funny pants-crapping stories?

Take a lokk at aha’s classic thread: Ever shit your pants?

Damn you, mblackwell!

I have a prepared statement:

“My attorneys have advised me to invoke the rights granted to me under the Fifth Amendment.”


Not that I can remember.

Only oopsy poopsy and only a little bit, when home sick with diarrhea.

Never intentionally.

Real men crap someone else’s pants.

From anyone else, I would just take this as a joke. But since it’s lieu, I gotta ask: is there a story here?

Why do you care whether someone you’ve never met and are never likely to meet ever defecated in his or her pants? I mean really, not to sound like some goof or anything, but why on earth do you care?

Aw heck, may as well admit it. Yeah. It was one of those ‘whoops, I thought that was a fart’ moments that necessitated a quick run to the Gap to buy a new pair of boxers. Yuck.

Well, to be honest, I don’t care whether someone I never met shit his/her pants. Or someone I know for that matter.

But I find people’s responses to irreverent and immature posts such as mine to be wildly entertaining. You see, I work at a mortgage banker, which is not the most exciting job. It brings me pleasure to click on this message board and see an equally irreverent reply from someone with a sense of humor.

But some people get disgusted/offended by posts such as these. I guess that’s part of the appeal for guys like me. This post wasn’t meant for you. Click on a different one.

For those of you that think threads such as this one are funny, I’ll post a link to my “Stand up/sit down wipers” thread. It’s my crowning acheivement on this message board!

Oh, and I think that this thread easily qualifies as being mundane and pointless!

I’ll have to get back to you on this one when I become an adult.

Great. I think this shows something about your level of maturity, which I find sadly deficient.

It speaks volumes about my level of maturity. Please refer to the following:

I suppose since you’re a moderator, your opinion is somehow supposed to carry more weight. My lack of maturity makes you sad? Then don’t read my posts!

Freddy Got Fingered was ROBBED of Best Picture, I tell you.

On a date, in a fancy restaurant at age 22. Thought it was air.
Diarrhea Cha Cha Cha!


Perhaps people are in a bad mood today? I have seen countless posts on the SDMB about which I thought, “This is so mundane and pointless; why are we discussing it?” Then I looked up at the title of the forum and remembered, “Right, this is MPSIMS.” Of course. I don’t know why, out of all the mundane, pointless, and sometimes slightly disgusting topics that have been discussed on this board, that they are singling out yours – or your defense of it – for admonition.

Since you asked, once when I was on a 60-mile bike ride; not my finest moment. No one knew, though, except me…

Yeah i do it all the time!

We always called that a ‘Fart with a friend’.

when it happens to me i like to say oops that one came with a prize!